Read This Review To Know All About Nirmala Franklin Planners,The Erin Condren For India

If you’ve read my last post on the Cupik Design planner, you’d know I have developed a fascination (read: obsession) with planners and such organizational things and Nirmala Franklin from Chennai is a brand whose planner amazed me in their style and layout and of course, I immediately jumped boats and have been faithfully using their planner since February and I have to say it has really helped get my life in order, and it is a great way to boost producitivy.


Head Over Heels- The Accessory Shop|Cochin Love

"HoH has gotten me endless amount of compliments, more queries than I can handle about where I shop for accessories from, and mainly, a place where I can go and I am actually spoiled for choices"

Cochin/Ernakulam has always been at the forefront of most developments in the state. It could even be considered as the district in the forefront of everything from food and culture to fashion,style and such. The much loved convent junction has always been the shopping street of choice, but it still offers shops that stock things in wholesale, with no regard for its style factor. But Panampilly Nagar and its array of boutiques and quaint little shops that stock handpicked items has become a blessing. My most favorites of this street definitely has to be Head Over Heels or HoH!


This 8 Step Tutorial Will Make You Look Like Sonakshi From Filmfare January 2016

Sonakshi Sinha has been slaying continuously via her Instagram account. When this image of her on the cover of Flimfare magazine popped up in my feed, I was immediately drawn by the makeup. Specifically the eye makeup. The gradient from olive green, to true blue, to navy blue is gorgeous and the pairing with nude lips are perfect for the bohemian look she had in the shoot. If you would like to know how I did this look, stick around!

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Organizing Makeup In A Shelf/Cupboard

Although we all would love to organize our makeup in a "so chic" IKEA Alex cabinet, or the MALM Dressing table, like this,

I think the Godrej Iron Almirah is as Indian as piece of furniture can get and our parents are not going to let us chuck the "brand new", (Read: bought it right before you were born) Godrej iron Alimrah and you are instead forced to store your pretty makeup in what you've got.
Now that question of pretty looking vanity has been put behind you, there still remains the question of functionality.
How are you going to arrange the items so that you can see it easily?
How can you make sure not to forget any palettes/lipsticks in the midst of everything?
This is the part where I help you out: