And..the Pantone Color of the year 2015 WIll be.....


It is a total 90s color and it is going to bring back the 90s brown lips back!!

What does this mean for the color this year then?


Look Good, On A Budget


Everyone wants to look stylish and put together. That is a universal truth. But not everyone has the sources to buy the latest trends. So they think that they have to make do with what they have and succumb to basic wardrobes that does not show off their tastes. But the truth is that, when it comes to fashion, money does not really matter. What matters is your taste.  You may have fewer numbers of clothes, but if they are the right ones, being stylish is easy. Have a look at these following tips to figure out how to dress stylishly, within your budget.


Pinterest Favorites of the week

Since I am in the middle of exams and dont have the time or focus to blog right now, I will just leave you with my favorite pins on pinterest from this week! OOh..and make sure to follow me at

You know I've been on a healthy kick lately, and hence Oatmeal has been my favorite breakfast for a while now. This is a link to shape magazine's slide show of yummy savoury oatmeal recipes!! Nom Nom!!

Two words: Much needed

Rough and Tough.. Fierce Feline Makeup!! 

I am currently in the process of finding/getting a long perfect tulle skirt for christmas celebration at college this year and this outfit was seriously my inspiration! But I plan on flippng the combo and pair a red skirt with white sweater and a Christmas themed scarf to match.

I have been cribbing to get my hair colored since I got it smoothened in July..and the current Sombre (Sobre Ombre) trend seems right up my alley!! I love the cut and hair color done on this girl, and is considering getting it done. I know it is not really sombre, but more like a sobre highlights, But I loveeeee this one!!

Thats all for now!
Please bear with me while I study Bernard Shaw, Public Economics and about Ethics and Technology.


Fashion| 1 Basic Black Kurta, 10 Ways!

People claim that the little black dress is the most versatile clothing ever. Yet there are only so many outfits one can make from the LBD, but the possibilities of mixing and matching the Basic Black Kurta is truly endless. 

Don’t believe me?
Here are ten outfits for ten different occasions using a basic black long kurta.