I am Sonakshi Obsessed!

Have you ever thought about which celebrity you would consider your soul sister?
Or which one you could easily be best friends with? 
I know I may come off sounding incredibly star struck for thinking about such superficial things, but I have given some thought to these questions and for me,
the answer is Sonakshi Sinha. 

Ever since I saw her in Lootera, I have been in love with her. 
If you ask me for a reason, I will have to you numerous answers. 
This is my ode to Sona and a call to fellow Sona-lovers out there. 
 Warning.. If it is not already evident.. This post is SonaPic Heavy.. :D


Back When I Started..Blogging...

We all have those stories and conversations. Back when...I was in school..., Back when..I was a kid..., well this is one of such post.
 I guess I am one of those bloggers who started blogging back when beauty and fashion blogging was a novel concept in India. 
These days beauty and fashion bloggers are a dime a dozen and there are events and perks focused just on them. 
But around 5 years ago, things were a lot different. 



How I Keep My Room Organized +DIY Ideas

I am not the most organized person you will ever know. To be honest, my room looks like a pig sty most of the time.

It does NOT look like this:

But recently, I have been trying to make everything more organized and presentable. For that, I have made some good use of pinterest to do some DIY ideas, and you can see all that in this post.
By The way, Go join my DIY board on pinterest here.
*Insert blatant self promotion face here*
I pin some cool stuff, I swear!!

Now how do I actually store my stuff?


Celeb Love| What do you think of Alia Bhatt? + Some NEWS about her!

How much did you HATE Alia Bhatt in Student Of The year? I know I did!
I even said her eyes looked dead! 
I confess!!

And what did you think about her in Highway and 2 states?

Did you love her?