Independance day Fashion: Fun with flag colors

As the days inch closer towards yet another Independence Day, none of us might have given any thought to the impending day of Patriotism and national pride, and probably has not made any  impressive plan for the day either. But when we celebrate Friendship day, Valentine’s Day and New Year with such fervor, why should we not be celebrating the Independence Day? Independence Day is perhaps the only day of the year, when we get the chance to make time to celebrate our glorious country.
 For me, Independence Day always meant the rally and interschool competition. Everyone got to be a part of the procession, either doing a march past, or even dressing up in various traditional attires from around the country. Even if you do not get a chance to be a part of something so memorable, make the best of the day by wearing something patriotic.  You could even throw an Independence Day party, where everyone has to wear the flag colors, take part in the patriotic song competitions and so on. What better way to invoke a sense of patriotism than to do it with your friends?
Here are a few ideas so as to how you can wear the Indian Tricolor to highlight your sense of patriotism this independence day!
·         If you decide to go desi this Independence Day, Try wearing an all-white ensemble with saffron and green used as accents.
Ø  For guys, this could be a kurta-pyjama set, a saffron sling bag or watch, paired with green shoes.
Ø  For ladies this could be a plain white cotton kurta and Patiala paired with a saffron dupatta and green shoes, or one could wear all-white, including the  dupatta and wear saffron and green shades of necklace, earrings, bangles etc.
·         If you are wearing something more casual, guys could wear colored chinos, paired with a white tee/shirt and tricolor accessories. Ladies can look at colored denims, crisp white shirt and tricolored scarves, statement necklaces and even bags in one or more of the Indian tricolor.
·         Another casual option for the ladies is to wear a soft pastel tone such as white, baby blue or baby pink and try wearing the Indian flag as accessories such as headbands, chalked hair, makeup, nail art, bow ties, recycled tees etc. You can do all this if you have a little creativity and are not against spending a little time.
Ø  DIY Flag Headband: You can make these by getting your hand your hand on stretch cotton materials in your colors of choice- saffron, white and green. One can make different patterns once they get the material. The option include braiding the three strands together to make a braided headband, weaving and adding pearls on top to give a more embellished look etc. The step to finalize this is by using hair elastic and joining it to both ends of the headband using jump rings in place of normal elastic.  After enough practice, one can even make cloth flowers, Chinese knots, Celtic knots etc., on the headband. 
Ø  Chalked Hair: Recently brands like Revlon has introduced hair chalks, which contain bright colors in chalk form, which can be used on hair temporarily. One can use this, by wetting their hair, using the desired hair chalks and then letting it air dry. For the Independence Day, it will be pretty easy to pair the tricolor on one’s hair using this technique.
Ø  Makeup: This is perhaps the easiest way to incorporate the Tricolor. One can wear the saffron on the first 1/3rd of the eyes, the white on the middle 1/3rd and the green at the outer ‘v’ of the eyes. This can be paired with some smudged kajal on upper and lower lash line. One could also wear a saffron, white and green layered eyeliner look and pair it with nude lips. Another option is to simply wear some kajal and mascara on the eyes and wear an orangey-saffron lipstick on the lips.
Ø  T-shirt Refashion:  Recycling plain tees are the easiest way to make clothes according to your needs. The possibilities on how one can refashion a tee shirt are endless. From cutting out the back in various shapes, and sewing in the flag in its place, dip dyeing a white tee with the flag colors, using fabric paint to paint patriotic motifs on a solid tee, bejeweling the tee in flag colored sequins etc.
But keep in mind that there are people in our country who take patriotism very seriously. Be sure to wear the Indian tricolor in a way that honors our country and our traditions. The attire should be respectful as well as celebrative.
No matter how you choose to deck yourself out this Independence Day, make it a day to remember what our country really is. As Mark Twain said, “India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grandmother of tradition. Our most valuable and most astrictive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only!”


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