Fashion|THE Guide to Farewell Party Fashion 2015

 It is that time again when academic years are winding up and the senior students are getting ready to say their goodbyes. The official farewell ceremony is of course the most important part of the years of study. The students and teachers will probably remember a person as they looked at this event and so there is the pressure to look everyone’s best.

This event certainly calls for formal outfits, so showing up wearing jeans and nice shirt or top is not a viable option.  For guys, it could be quite as easy as lending a suit, or buying one (it is an investment for future purposes).  For girls, the two main options are either to go the ethnic route and wear a nice sari or churidar/anarkali suit or wear a dress or gown. But everyone strives to look unique and that is where the confusions crop up.


Introducing |L'Oreal Skin Perfect Range

As we were just discussing the various ways different women take care of their skin in the last Girl Talk series here and here... I thought I'd better get around to introducing the latest L'Oreal Product on the block.
Now when I received this range, this is how it looked and I was so excited! It was the biggest package I have gotten yet!! It felt like Christmas to me. Plus, it had a card written "exclusively" by Katrina Kaif to me! I mean, even if it was printed out for all the bloggers, it still felt a little special! :) 

I am still in my process of using this range and I am currently using the 20+ cream as my daily morning cream and I will be sure to review that soon, in the mean time you might be wondering what this range actually is?


Girl Talk | 8 Girls Share Their Skin Essentials And Routines (Part 2)

I hope I find you all good and well,
AND I hope you've read the previous post in the series. 
If not, I urge you to go read it here.  

In a nutshell, I've gotten 8 of the prettiest women I know, to spill their beans about their skin care, routine and regimens.  
The first 4 ladies were featured in the previous post, but now its time for the next four ladies.

P.S.  This post contains two favorite bloggers too!! 


Girl Talk | 8 Girls Share Their Skin Essentials And Routines (Part 1)

I am quite a vain person, but my laziness far outweighs my vanity most of the time. I love looking good, but I loathe the effort I have to put into looking so. I have a 2 step mini skin routine (if you can even call it that) for everyday, but today is not about me. Today is about these ladies that actually put some effort into taking care of their skin day in and day out. These ladies are all very different from each other in skin type, lifestyle, even countries they live in. Some of them are bloggers you may know, others are housewives and students you may not. But they are all that kind of ladies that we wonder about; how can they be so pretty?? So, I have made some of the  prettiest women I know, spill their secrets.  Since there are so much things to cover, I have split the post in to two. The next post will be up in 2 days.

Here are skin care, routine, must haves of the first 4 ladies! :)