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My first trials at a french mani


I have always had a certain love for french manicures ever since i saw it on..i think michelle phan's nails and i wanted to get it..but since it costs around 350 rs [whoosshhh!] for a french mani..i thought i should give it a try myself.I attempted it around 4 months back but failed miserably.then exams started and when vacation came i got IMBB and i fell in love with makeup all over again and went back to the no nail polish/occasonal black nail polish habit again. But last day while watching deeptima's videos i saw her french manicure tutorial and wanted to give it a try.So i tried it twice in the same week.the first time SUCKEEEEED...it got better the second time. But since i am a student i got blue ink on my thumb's tip and red ink on my index finger's tip the second time :( .But any ways here are the pics for you guys.It is horrible ok?but it is better than before and i did the tips freehand ,no tape or guide whatsoever.
try 1:

try 2:


here it is.....

please lemme know ways to improve it???? especially deeptima and rhea...expecting from you to give me some genius solutions..

until next time then,Buh-bye

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