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July Giveaways I Know bout

So here are the giveaways for july I know about..
Konad-licious is having a giveaway...check it out here...

Next up..Kittyluvs color is having a giveaway..check it out here

The HungryAsian is givin away nailpolishes and frankens....check it out here

Concrete and nailpolish is having a giveaway here..here's a quick sneekpeak of what she is giving away:

Parokeets is havin a summer giveaway to celebrate 300 followers..congrats!!!and might i say,,,,the looot is awesome!heres a sneekpeak!enter by goin here

Imperfectly painted is having a birthday giveaway here:
go check it out..heres a sneeky peaky:

XBBKAYS IS HAVING A HUGEE giveaway here..she really is treating us like a princess

BUH-BYE for now!

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