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Lakme Suneet Varma Night Fever Stuff Haul!


I know i am late at getting the stuff only now.But due to my hectic school schedule,i am not able to go out shopping at all! So my friend Rati was sweet enough to do it for me @ delhi and sent me the stuff by courier.I just went and picked the stuff up today and i very excited to show you guys the swatches. I only bought Glide on eyecolor and a lipartist in terracotta.
I had given a watch i got as a gift to be shortened near the courier place and i couldn't resist not opening it then and there...So i did.All the pencils were tied together with a red ribbon and i had also asked to get me a dual sharpner ,she had even written-"Enjoy your haul,Love Rati :) "
...and she had put cute little stickers on everything!! isn't she the sweetest??!!
Anyways,here are the piccies! i have kept on rambling for long enough.

I am reaaaaaaaaally happy and i am playing around with my new stuffies now!!!
Buh-Bye for now!

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