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Makeup Neccesities for a teenager


At the beginning of 8th grade or so, I didn't even used to use kajal on my eyes. But halfway through that year discovered makeup that changed my whole perspective and my whole image. I was comfortable in going out without a single jewelry and I could wear school shoes out to the mall with ease. But not anymore, now when I go out- I need pretty and complimenting accessories, matching shoes and I can’t imagine living without mascara, eyeliner and lip-balm. I now 15 minutes minimum to get ready to go to school because i would feel naked without at least the bare necessities. So I have compiled a list of makeup stuff that is the bare necessity to make you look and feel good when you go to school or on an outing, without making you look like you are trying to grow up too fast.

      I know that we all feel like we have flawed skin ALL THE TIME, but the truth is we have the best skin ever, other than the occasional break outs. So don't hide your beauty under a ton of foundation and caked on powder instead, opt for a light tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone and hydrate it too. Around here it is really difficult to find a good TM, so what I did is purchased a good liquid foundation matching my skin [Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Toast-around Rs.800-900] and I mix it with my daily moisturizer. But I don’t use TM all the time, I just use it when there is some kind of function at school or when I go out with family or friends. I think a good TM would be ponds tinted moisturizer, even though I haven’t used it, many of my friends recommends it.

      This is a must have for all girls. If you go to a school No makeup is allowed, this would be allowed. I know that there are many schools which have a “no dress up” policy, and sadly my school is one of those or else I would have used lip-gloss. If you are asked about it by teachers, just tell them that it is Vaseline. I always carry 2 lip balms around in my school bag, one that is colorless and flavorless and another that is flavored. My recommendation would Nivea care essential for the non flavored one and Nivea Star Shine lip balm in strawberry, Cherry or Dragon fruit.
The next two are like choices, if you decide to use one, you don’t need the other, if you have pretty eyes and love using liner, then opt for that, then other wise use mascara to make you feel confident. But sometimes, some schools don’t even allow eyeliner, but no one can understand if you are mascara.
       If you have pretty eyes and want to play it up, get a black or brown liner [get brown if you are fair-to dusky and black if you are dusky to dark skinned].I would recommend getting eyeliner pencil as it looks less harsh. Also something else I love to use is kajal and I don’t think no school in India would say anything against good old kajal !My recommendation would be Colorbar I- define pencils(Rs 225) or Lakme Perfect Definition Eye pencil(Rs 150)

         I still don’t know what it is about mascara, after you apply it, you just feel so confident and ready. Even if it is crappy mascara that does nothing to make your lashes look better, it makes you happy. So this would be a perfect product for someone who is not allowed to wear Eyeliner at school. My Recommendation would be Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara, (Rs.280) or Colorbar Duo Mascara (RS.350).
I hope this was helpful to some of you out there, who is as clueless as I was. And please let me know if you guys want me to write about a specific a topic by mailing me at thebabblequeen@gmail.com.
Buh-bye for now,

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