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So sorry for being ignorant!


I am going to apologize now.Because as all of you know,i am 15 year old tenth grade student and my first board exams are coming up on 11th October.I have been revising and studying like crazy.I have been getting only 4.30 hours of sleep every night and i had stopped having food at all for like 2 weeks.But all the ignoring my bodily needs got to me and i didn't go to school yesterday because i was so tired,the fatigue got the better of me.I am just letting all of you know that i might not be around until after 20th October-that's when the exams ends.
I would like to ask you all to pray for me-that i get good grades in this exam.I am majorly cribbing.But i have to say-i got some serious pocket money saved up to do a post exam retail therapy.i have like 2000+ Rupees saved up and i am adding more to it.I hope you all understand my situation.I hope you all are having a good weekend-now i gotta get back to sin theta and cos theta and chemical formula for sodium bicarbonate.
This is my current situation:

Buh-Bye for now!
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