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The Story of Cosmetics

I saw this video on Bhumika's blog and i have to say i am appalled!!Watch the video now...then go down to read my views on the topic....

Have any of you ever thought about what goes into your cosmetics?I have never ever thought about this before this day.I am rather frightened to think that things we use daily may actually be reducing our lifespan!!I think we makeup lovers of all the people should combine together to make this Project a success.
I went to the site and downloaded the PDF containing the names of all those companies that have signed the contract to make their products safer and i was rather sad to see that All most None of the popular brands have signed the contract yet.Even Lush ,which we think is all natural and vegan have not signed the contract,I wonder why??Nor is The Body Shop present. If it is all natural,why not sign the contract??There is no MAC or Loreal anywhere..I am the most disgusted and sad about the fact that our favorite companies are being so ignorant about this major issue.
Until now we were talking about makeup and skincare stuff,what about the baby soaps,shampoos and creams we use on our kids.We are exposing our babies to cancer causing chemicals by using these products.Johnson and Johnson is our favorite company for baby products-this video is making me wonder what all poisons are they adding to these baby products???Is there ANY popular company that has taken up this contract???

I have added this to my FB page's favorite and i have shared it with all my friends.Now its Your turn...go to http://www.safecosmetics.org and see what all you can do to help out,tell your friends about and Blog about it,lets make this project a success by making a makeup blogospheric phenomenon.......

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