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OND~~Obsessive Nail Disorder


Thats right!! I am obsessing over my nails now! Anyone who knows me in real would wonder whats so wrong bout that.Because i am an obsessive person and i go through phases of obsessiveness to something in particular.Last month i was taking care of my hair like it was made of gold,and now its been 3 weeks since i have deep conditioned it.Anyways back to the topic- I am currently taking care of my nails, and changing nails polishes like crazy.So i thought i would show you guys some pics of my nails,through various Phases

I started growing my nails when i was in 6th ,i guess.i BEGGED to my mum and she said" its fine because when i was your age,i wanted to grow my nails too,so go ahead!"At that time i knew nothing about how to take care of my nail other than to let it grow and clean it out.My first trial at shaping my nail lead to breaking my middle nail and i having to cut all the nails and grow them out again.This process repeated many times.And i did many dumb things like,cutting of a LOONG nail off while slicing a mango and stuff like that![LOL!!!].
But after millions of mistakes in 4 years,i have learnt not to pick on locks and not to pinch my hard skinned brothers with my nails as it will only lead to breakage.I also included nail care in my daily routine- I wash ,my nails with baby tooth brush and shampoo every morning after brushing my teeth and i apply coconut oil to my nails every night before going to sleep and i wear polish only on occasions and otherwise i keep my nails clean and polish free for school.Also i learnt not to over file my nails and just let it grow long without interruptions,then cut the nail in the desired shape and then file it to smoothen the edges.
Now onto some pics:

  • My nails with french manicure,I am not much of a nail art expert[i.e. i am a rookie] and this was my first attempt at doing french manicure Free hand.

  • I always wore neutral taupe,pinks and such shades -i was always reluctant to try out loud colors,but when i saw Coleressence nail-polish in "Siren Red" i had to have it.so i bought it like 6 months back but until last week i didn't have the courage to wear it outside my home.But that day i just thought-what the heck?! i am wearing this and no one is gonna say anything and Boy! Was i wrong? everyone said something-but it was all compliments,how pretty it looks,how courageous i am to wear such a loud color and not worry about it[they didnt know all the inner turmoil!!:D]

  • On Tuesday evening while doing prep for bakrid i just had a thought that my nails are too long and it is rather boring.So i thought about ways to Jazz it up and i came to realize that i have never shaped my nails in square shape-so that's what i did.I cut them shorter and gave a square shape and i applies 2 coats of a drugstore nail polish in a fall shade-a rich maroonish,brownish shade with sheen.In this picture the nail polish seems streaky,but in real life it is not streaky at all.Actually it looks pretty Perfect!

Now as we are talking about nails,nail polish,nail art and the likes,I would love to show you some of the prettiest nail art i have seen and i would love to try out.

So girly and pretty!Hats off to the artist!
The next two are by my friend Deeptima,whose designs are AWESOME!See them for yourselves[Click on the images to see tutorial]~

So that's it for now!!! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post as much as i enjoyed writing it!!
Buh- Bye For Now!
P.s. ABOUT THE Background picture change-I saw that deeps changed her whole template and i thought mine needed a change too,so i just changed the BG picture....Thats all!!

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