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Colorbar USA,Lakme haul!!


As you all know, i live in kerala and my favorite brand of all time [thanks to Rati] is Colorbar ,which is not available except in North India.But being as sweet as she is [:)] Rati got me the cool palette and the proudl purple eyeshadow with which i fell in love with when i saw on Cynth's blog.But its been renamed as purple Passion though.She also got me the Black Satin Kajal from the Gypsy collection.
So i am over the moon right now.So here are some pics and swatches for you.I will be doing looks with palette and shadow soon enough.As soon as i got the kajal i put it on,to time test it before deciding whether to use it to school tomorrow or not.
You see i have eyes that water extremely,so even if i use liquid liner,it wont be left there after the 9 humid hours at school.So its been just 45 mins since i have put it on. I will be doing an update every few hours through out the day,to let you guys know.

Colorbar Cool Palette-Rs 500/-

Colorbar Eyeshadow In Purple Passion -Rs 225/-

Lakme Black Satin Kajal-Rs 150/-

On my eyes:

Swatch + my name with the Kajal [I couldnt resist! :) :)]

Do check out the Lakme Black Satin Kajal Time-test Post!
Thats all For now!

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