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Nail Art Of The Day +Updates On Life


So you all know that i have been very inactive lately Because of model exams. My models will end on 18th February and then the board exams will start on March 5th starting with mathematics. Yeah! i am pretty swamped with revisions and school work.

But last day i was just wanted a timeout after studying Hindi for 5 hours straight and i went to my nail polish cupboard pulled it open and applies a colour i have never used, yet!! –Powder Blue.The shade I used is a brand from a local store,the company is Alka-club and it cost only........can you believe it? Rs 12/-!!!!!

So after flaunting that around home for a while, it looked a little TOO blue for my taste, so I thought I’d mix it up and try my hand at Nail art. And i actually quite like how it turned out.

I know that I am NOT A PRO, but This is my first try and i am actually quite glad about how it turned out and you all can be sure that i am going to go do more nail arts soon enough, because i actually like it very much!!!!I think this one would look prettier with black and bright red,i will try that as soon as i get a new black polish,because i finished my last one.

Also i just wanted to let you all know that i have done 2 looks,i might be sending one to rati and uploading one here..I dont know,i havent decided yet.But as soons as the main exams are over,rest assured that my posts will be spamin up your blogger dashboard...:) :) :)

Oh and HappY Late Valentines Day!!! Hope You All Had A Great Day....!!!


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