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Lakme 9 to 5 flawless makeup



“A high performance foundation that keeps you looking flawless through the day.
· This long lasting formula does not smudge or streak.
· It has a pump dispenser that avoids messy spills and makes application easy and hygienic, leaving your skin feeling comfortable and supple for hours.
· Exclusively formulated for daily use, it ensures that your complexion looks its best across the day.
Suitable for all skin types”
Price: Rs 450/-

Shades: It is available in 4 shades suited for Indian skin tone .It goes without saying that all shades are warm toned.I found my EXACT skin shade match with CORAL.I never thought i would find a shade as perfect as this for my skin tone!

Packaging: I absolutely LOVE the packaging! The transparent yet matte bottle with the pump dispenser is one of the best foundation packaging I have ever seen. It is even better than my HG foundation Revlon Colorstay foundation. The pump makes application WAY easier.

Formula: It is a liquid formula. It is not too thick, yet not too runny. It is just perfect!! I love the formula too.It gives blends very smoothly when i use it with my Vega Foundation Brush.

Staying power: It claims to be 9 to 5 long-lasting foundation and i thought that since it is from Lakme, they might make it more long-lasting to suit the Indian humidity. But fact is it does get absorbed like crazy in the Indian heat and humidity. It lasts maximum for 3 hours.

Finish: It gives a great matte finish which i absolutely LOVE!!

Scent: It has a very strong and unique smell, it has hints of sandal wood, or the smell of a flower called Elenji in Malayalam, also known as Bakul in Hindi or Spanish cherry/Medlar in English. I don’t particularly prefer it because i am more of a fruity/citrusy person and this scent comes off as too strong for me.

Does it deliver what it claims? :
· It is NOT long-lasting; it is just the same as normal run-of-the-mill foundation. But it does not smudge or streak.
· The pump dispenser indeed makes application easier and hygienic
· It does make the complexion look good! But not all day long.
· It does suit all skin types, it worked well on me (combination skin) and my cousins (who have dry and oily skin respectively) but it does tend to last longer on dry skin, but on the downside, it might cause some patchiness when applied on dry skin.
Value for money: Considering the fact that it has great shades, Good formula AND finish, I would say that it is pretty decently priced.
Final Thoughts: I think that it is a real good Foundation, except for the fact that it does not actually satisfy the 9to5 Claim.
· +1 for shades
· +1 for packaging
· +1 for formula and finish
· +1 for value for money
· -1 for lesser staying power than it claims.
A total of 4/5
Will I Repurchase This? : For now this is my HG foundation prefer this over Revlon Colorstay foundation in Toast because that shade wasn’t suitable for me. It was a shade darker and i had to use a lighter compact on top to fix that. But with this foundation i have to just use loose translucent powder. Until I find a foundation which has a suitable shade for me. I AM going to go back and repurchase this.
Would I Recommend This?!: If you are looking for a long wear foundation this is not for you-Especially if you are living in the hotter areas. But otherwise, this is a great foundation for Indians skin-tone.so, YES! Try it out, you might LOVE it like I do!

Buh-bye For Now!!

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