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8 Yr Old Girl Given Botox Injections by Mother


  I saw This post on Mehak's blog about a woman giving Botox injection to her 8 year old daughter to give her an early start to stardom.What can a person call this?! Torture?! How can a woman look at her daughter's cute face and think that she wants her smile frozen in place and artificial forever?! I think this mother might be giving her daughter all the dumb needs she had when she was younger,but wasnt allowed to (there is a reason there!).This Mom also puts her daughter through waxing,saying that in that case,the girl wont have to go through it when she hits puberty and actually needs it as her hair is lighter from the early waxing.
      Worst part is that the daughter finds it a part of her daily life and says that she wants a boob and nose job and even says that she would like to tattoo her eyebrows to make it more arched and to get lightpink permanent lip-liner tattooed on!

         I think that this is OUTRAGEOUS and that this mother doesnt deserve this daughter.She should be put on Prozac and therapy and only after a while of observation should be allowed to even see her daughter as she is seriously psychotic!!I have no words to express my disgust and anger at the mother and the sympathy for the poor girl!But i do hope that someone will be able to hammer some sense into that woman's head!!

*Update*:I found out that the mother has lost custody of the daughter and that the girl is with her relatives.But the fact is that the damage is done,the girl is already hooked onto this infatuation with stardom.I hope these relatives have kids of her age and that she will get to be a kid again!

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