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KKCenterHk ES 15 Color Eyeshadow Palette - Earth Tone [ESW15] From KKCenterHk


***update-after seeing swatches and reading gazillions of reviews on the Sleek Oh So Special Palette,i think this palette might containg almost all the similar colors as that of Oh So Special Palette!!!!*****

About ES Brand 15 Color Shimmer Eyeshadow Make Up Palette - Earth Tone [ESW15]  
15 Color Shimmer Eyeshadow Make Up Palette - Earth Tone

Suitable For All Day & Night Make Up

Price: USD$11.97

Size:156mm X 105mm X 17mm

Here is a pic to show you the approximate size of the palette next to my hand!:

This palette has 15 earthy,shimmery and warm toned shades that is just beautiful!! I fell in love with each shadow the minute i saw it!!The colors range from gorgeous gold,shimmery pink and purple to dark brown and light highlight shades

Formula:  This is all powder shadows,but there is a bit differences between the formula between various textures.The Shimmery ones are more buttery and satiny ,whilst the matte(-er) ones are harder to pick up color and is a Bit Chalky.But there is no major fall out and glides on just as well as any other popular eyeshadow palette(Including CS)

Staying Power: The shadows stay on for a fair amount of time with just foundation underneath it-to almost about 3-4 hours ,after that some creasing is seen.But i bet that if you use a good eye-primer underneath,it will be fresher and crease-less for longer.

Finish/Texture: This is mainly a shimmery palette,but it does contain some matte browns and satiny highlight shades.

Value For Money: For approximately $12,this palette is a steal as there are a lot of similar palettes out there with higher prices.But this palette does its job well and it extremely economical AND  of good quality

Final Thoughts: I was extremely surprised and elated at the quality of this palette and also of its quality to price ratio!!I am so very impressed and is glad that i didnt miss out on this palette

Rating: 5/5 (If you have never noticed before,i never have been satisfied enough to give a product a 5/5,but this one is an exception.There is no loophole here to make it look bad to me!)

 Would I Recommend this?!: yes yes yesss!! If you were/are planning on getting a makeup palette online and you like shimmery shades in your collection(who doesnt?! :P) then this palette is for YOU!! :) :)

 More Pics:

Next up a look using this palette will be uploaded soon,so that you can see the sheer AWESOMNESS of this palette!It will be LEGEN...........(wait for it).........DARY..!!(:P I love ;How i met your mother' and Barney!!True story.:P :P)

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Buh-Bye For Now! :) :) :)

P.s.Product provided by Company for review purposed.But that has not influenced my opinion!The opinion and review is totally based on my own experience with the product that i have expressed here!

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