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I am a peachy kinda gal..!!!

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Until last year,i was a girl who liked her makeup to look subtle and thrived in muted colors.But recently i became more brave enough to use colorful shades(you can read  about how i got there-here)and the shade i found the most comfortable to rock and that suits me the most and i Almost Always ends up buying is -peaches.

So i am gonna list out my favorite peach stuff i am Loving right now..and also a run-down of the stuff i am wanting!!!

Peach Lipsticks-

I am Loving-

Lakme LipArtist In Terracotta

Revlon PlumSexxxy Lipcolor In Don't Stop Apricot(read review and see swatches by me-here)

I am wanting-

Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick In Peach(Picture Source)

Mac Jazzed(Picture Source)

Peach Blushes-

I am Loving-

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Blush In Peach Satin


Colorbar USA Blush In Peachy Rose(see swatches -here)

I am Wanting-

Sleek Pan Tao Blush
( swatch picture courtesy of CZ from Indian Vanity Case and product pic from Sleek Website)

Too Faced Papa Dont Peach Blush(Photo From www.makeupandbeautyblog.com)

Peach Shadows-

I am Loving-

Coastal scents Apricot Mist-which i got as a sample while ordering my coastal scents 88 palette and it also works great as an apricot colored blush..its pure love and i am contemplating getting a normal sized jar because it is so gorgeous(pics from www.coastalscents.com)

I am Wanting-

Sleek Paraguaya Palette-This one and the whole new Avoir Le Peche Collection seems like paradise for peach lovers like Moi,doesnt it?! i think that having the courtesy of adding this palette to my peach collection will truly take it to another level!!!( see swatches and more pic here,product pic from Sleek Website)

So thats that!!

I actually really wanted the Coral Crepe Painpot from the Mac Pret-A-Papier Collection,But sadly i didnt have enough moolah at the time..!! :( i hope they recontinue it soon..!!!(Pics from temptalia)

So Are You A Peachy Kinda Gal Like Moi??!!! :)
Lemme Know!

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