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Maybelline Watershine Lipstick Review

Price:Rs 230/-

Amount: 3.4g

How did i get this Lipstick?!:
I didn't purchase this lipstick myself.I won it in a contest on Maybelline's FB page and when i initially opened it up i was shocked that it is in a brown-ish shade but once i tried it on,my whole opinion changed....

There are 7 shades and they all seem on the brownish/plumish end except for Candy Pink and i find that quite bad as i am a peachy kinda gal,who loves pink too.I would have loved to see more shades in pinks and peaches.

Chocolate Icing:
It is a medium biscuit-y brown color with golden shimmer

The packaging was the only turn off for me.Usually Maybelline products have pretty packaging.It might not be super gorgeous like high end brands,but its cute all the same.Even though this one is pink and rounded and essentially cute,it has a cheap look to it that no other product from Maybelline has ever had.It has kind of a VOV/ADS/old elle 18 lipstick look to it which i am not digging,It might also be the lack of an brand marking on the lippie that i am hating.

It is a creamy and moisturizing lipstick.It is not too creamy that it melts down in summer,but more on the lines of a good lip-balm.

Staying Power:
As with most moisturizing lipstick,it doesn't last that long.Maximum 1-2 hours without drinking,eating etc.

When i saw that it was a brown shade i was disappointed as i HATE browns with the fury of hell,but i tried it on and i was amazed.It literally gives a watery shine to your lips and the brown is understated and gives more of a nudish glossy look to your lips that no other lipstick or gloss has failed to do.It is sheer but build-able and has a sheen too it.It obviously has a glossy finish.

I absolutely LOVE the scent of this lippie.It smells exactly like watermelon flavored jelly bubblegum from Bubbaloo! That flavor is my favorite bubblegum and this smell is very appealing and fun.Even though it has a sweet smell,it is not painful like some other sweet smells tend to be.

Value For Money:
At Rs 230 for this amazing product i would say that this is a steal!! It delivers exactly what it claims,yummy looking lips,moisturizing and definitely lip-smacking too

Final Thoughts: 

4.75/5(.25 for cheap looking package.Only .25 is taken off as the products works so well that the packaging isn't a big issue)

Will I Repurchase This?!: 
Hell Yeah!!

Will I Recommend This?!:
YES YES!!Everyone should have atleast one of these lippies.They are so AWESOME!!!

A lil' story: soo.....I posted a pic of me sporting my new hairstyle and i was wearing no makeup just kajal and this lippie and 'someone' (name shall remain undisclosed) who saw that told me that my lips look like cherry..!And Believe me...That coming from this person is A BIG DEAL!!! So thanks maybelline for making the person notice that i have pretty lips!!;) ;)

Thats It For Now!

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