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Peacock Inspired Look


If  you have entered my giveaway here,you will know that i asked everyone to give me a look they would like to see me do and Nivedita from Beauty At Times Is Skin Deep requested a peacock inspired look.This is my take on it.I used inexpensive products as usual.But i did use blue contacts to pump up the look a bit.But it looks good without it too.

What did i use?!

I used  the gold color allover the eyes from the lashline to browbone with a wet brush.Then i applied the green in the outer corner and crease.then i used a blue and patted that on the lid.Then using the liquid liner i lined my top and bottom lashline and then lined my waterline with Kajal.Then i applied the gold,blue and green to bottom lash-line right underneath the liquid liner.Then to make my lashes which had gotten some shadow stuck on it look black,i used Maybelline Colossol Volum' Mascara.Then using the Cosmetic Lady Eyelash Glue,i applied the m76-a lash to my eyes.And the look is finished!!
   I think that what really made the look was the liquid liner and the false lashes.The shape of the liner turned surprisingly better than i expected (didn't poke myself in the eye even once!!yoohoo).The falselashes have a certain featherlike look to it and it is very lush and that makes the look all the more pretty.

In this picture you can see just how pretty these falselashes are:

You can see the liner properly in these pics:

And Here is a shot of the look in just sunlight:

I do know that this is a pic heavy post.I just loved how good it turned out that i couldn't resist putting these pictures up.Forgive me,if you got bored!! :) :) :)
Buh-Bye For Now!

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