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Re-Introducing Yardely Of London

        There are very few people who have not heard about Yardley Of London,Or in recent times.not seen the ad with Katrina Kaif.Yardley is one of the most heard about brands when it comes to deodrants,Talcs and soaps.The Reason i am suddenly mentioning is that, the Company is working very hard on bringing it back to its former glory as it has been slightly tarnished by newer brands.In My Opinion,Yardley will be a brand much close to my heart.

Yardley of London
Over the years, Yardley of London has become loved for its beautiful floral fragrances that are timeless classics worn by women of all ages. From light refreshing body sprays to the more indulgent eau de toilettes, we combine only the highest quality ingredients to create long lasting yet delicate fragrances. 
Pamper your senses with exotic floral fragrances captured Yardley’s refreshing floral range of perfumed deodorants. Make your life fragrant!

•All time favorite women’s fragrance range
•Long lasting, lingering fragrances
•Elegant pack design
•Tamper proof actuator (spray lock) to prevent use at shop level
Available in 6 exotic floral fragrances namely English Lavender, English Rose, Red Roses, Lily of the Valley, Jasmine and Sandalwood
•Available in 2 pack sizes 75ml and 150ml.

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