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Revlon Colorburst Lipstick In Raspberry Review



Price:Rs 550/- (I did get it for $8.99 as a cousin got it for me from the US)

Amount: 3.4g(i think,not mentioned on packaging)
Shades:There is 21 shades in this collection as of now.And they all look really pretty!I feel like I want them all!!You can check the shades here.

Raspberry:It is a true berry shade.When blotted after application it gives the look of just have eaten strawberries(I Kid You Not!!)

Packaging:I find the packaging very very classy and just gorgeous.This one is the best looking lipstick in my collection [as of now!;)]

Formula:The lipstick is not too soft that it breaks off or melts in temperature.But its not too hard that you cant get color on your lipstick.In my opinion this is the perfect lipstick formula.

Staying Power:It stays on for a fair amount of time,it remains fresh for 2-3 hours and then fades into a really pretty tint that is even better than the initial shade.

Finish:It is a satin finish and has slight sheen.It is moisturizing and makes your lip look smooth and does not show the lines on your lipstick.It is sheer on 1-2 swipe but turns opaque on the next swipes.

Value For Money:It costs $8.99 in the US which comes to around 400 Rs and i find it sad that there is 150 rs increase in India.I know that there is a 12.5% tax on cosmetics import in india,but still it seems unfair

Final Thoughts;I love this lipstick for its keeping up with its claims,but find the price a bit of a letdown.But i am willing to let the price issue go as it works so well.

Ratings: 4.5/5(-0.5 for price)

Will I Repurchase This?!:I will go back for the peach shade as i am seriously in love with the color.

Would I Recommend This?!:Yes yes!If you are a lipstick person and loves good packaging and prefers satin finish,you should definitely get one.And you will Surely a shade that suits as there are a whole lot of shades in this collection.

Buh-Bye For Now!

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