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Yardley Of London Katrina Kaif Deodrants Gift Pack Review


Stay fresh and fragrant all day long with Katrina Kaif's favorite Yardley deodorants.The signature
English Lavender  and refreshing English Rose.Stay eternally feminine!

Price:Rs 300

Amount:150 mLx2
 Enlarge and read what is written on top under the crowns..its KEWL!!

The packaging is sleek and tall,but seems very generic.It looks just like the bottle of Fa body spray or any other body spray out there.I find that a bit of a turn off.They could have given it a more stylized bottle.

Now Here is separate reviews of each Scent:

English Lavender:
Since 1770,Yardley  English Lavender has been made with only purest natural lavender oils.Applying this  scented body spay leaves your skin feeling refreshed and invigorating.

Scent(from Yardley Of London Site as i am absolute crap at understanding scents):
"Our signature fragrance combines lavender leaves, neroli and clary sage with a heart of lavender oil and geranium, with deeper notes of sandalwood and tonka bean"

My Opinion:
This body spray has a very refreshing and alluring smell.I have never been much of a deodrant person as i find that it usually is overrated as it doesn't keep you fresh for long.But this one keeps you feeling fresh and makes you smell good for a fair amount of time.It has a strong smell right when you spray it on.But in a few minutes it mutes down into a more subtle note.

Love or Hate or aisa waisa??!:I love it!!It makes me feel and smell fresh and clean and almost everyone finds the smell good and appealing(even my brother loves to spritz it on.Shh!!Don't tell him I said that)

A Lil' Story:First time i went out wearing this my best friend jotted down the name so as to get one  for herself as she loved the smell!! so added points for getting me compliments.

English Rose:

With over 200 years' of expertise,Yardley London selects only the finest ingredients to create its unforgettable fragrances.

Newly refined, English Rose is now an evocative, light, fresh fragrance, combining rose absolute, neroli and chamomile, a heart of rosebud and jasmine petals with amber and sandalwood base notes.

My Opinion:
My dislike for this scent is directionally proportional to the love I have for the English Lavender.I am not much of a flowery scent person,but i do love the smell of rose just like any other person.But the smell of this spray is just garish and painful to the nose at the time you apply it and even though it tones down to a subtler smell after a while,i just don't find it that likable and finds it kind of a over the top smell.I made everyone else in my family(including the above mentioned brother) smell and none of them found this likable.I am yet to find a person who likes this smell.

Love Or Hate Or Aisa Waisa??!:I gotta say that i hate this smell as it is just not a me kinda smell.

So,Buh-Bye For Now!

Products mentioned in the review have been provided by the company,but that has not affected my personal opinions.Also the review is based on my viewpoint and whether you like a perfume/deodrant or not is based completely on you and your likes.

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