EOTD:Avril Lavigne Smile Music Video Inspired Makeup

This look was inspired by Avril Lavigne's makeup in the smile music video.I didnt have green glitter to go in the middle of the lid..So i,um,Improvised the look-meaning i added the green color as a lid color rather than just in the middle of the eyelid.This look also has Avril's usual grunchy smudgy black liner all around the eyes.

The above are the Inspiration pictures

Now here is my take on it.Its more wearable(i guess..!!)

I made it more wearable and suitable for me and the products i had.I somehow felt it looked weird on my eye shape when i patted this green color just on the middle of the lid!! :/ :/

Products Used:
  • Lakme 9TO5 flawless makeup
  • Carlo Di Roma Creme shadow in pearl white
  • CS 88 Palette
  • Lakme Black satin kajal
  • Maybelline Colossol Volum' Mascara
  • Silver Cosmetic glitter
I hope You all liked this EOTD i did after a while!! :) :)

P.s.my giveaway is closed.I will annonce the winner sooooooooon..!!

Buh-Bye For Now!


  1. It is a very nice attempt. Just a suggestion - I think the liner on the lower lash is bit more smudged & darker on Avril. :D :D

  2. @LB-thanks gal..!! :) :)

    @Tanveer-i know..but i aint gutsy enuff like avril to wear it that SMUDGY....it just made me feel like it might look racoonish on me...!!!


    @D.sadie-Thnks....! :) :) :) :) :) :)

  3. super pretty, i want that kajal in my life!

  4. wow what a beautiful tutorial on how to look like avril, you have beautiful eyes and the green compliments them so well!


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