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Lumiere Cosmetics Review


I know that my posts having been lacking for a while now,fact is i was going through a slight writer's block issue and also dealing with school admission thingies.But Now everything is back to normal and i have some posts waiting to be written and products waiting to be reviewed.Today's  pick is Lumiere Mineral cosmetics.

Lumiere cosmetics were my very first try at using mineral makeup and i have to say that Mineral cosmetics rock,especially when it comes to eye makeup.They have great pay-off as they are pure pigments and glide on super smooth too.But because of the fact that they are powder the fall out and spillage factor is higher.So thats a con.But the product quality is absolutely awesome!

The colors I received in eye makeup were Burnished Bronze eye pigment and Gold Sparkle Prismatic.

Burnished Bronze is described as "Subtle neutral brown with golden sheen, a perfect backdrop for green, blues, golds and even purples. Equally flattering on warm and cool tones ".

Gold Sparkle Prismatic:Prismatics are described as "resembling the colors formed by refraction of light through a prism ". These are all white powders that have a highlight of a unique hue and the gold one is gold with gold sparkles.

The Foundation i got to try out was Medium Warm Cashmere finish foundation.Although the product is super light on skin and did not cause any reactions,i cannot say about the glow/matteness it gives to the face because the shade Medium Warm was too light for me.All I can say is that the product feels good on the skin,but the selection of shade is a major pain as with choosing foundation online always is.


 The next on is the blush in the sahde Terracotta which is said to be a medium bodied nude peach ". This one is a true keeper.You all Know that i am peach crazy and terracotta is a true terracotta shade,kinda like the color of a new Diwali Diya(pwettttty.......!! :) :) ..so i absolutely fell in love with this one.It is my go to blush shade that gives a hint of warmth and color to my skin which looks bleah without it in this gloomy weather. This one lasts for a while too,almost 2-3 hours.

The last product is the New Penny Lumi Lips,which is gloss with  High shine for that "wet look" glossy finish. Enhanced with moisturizing jojoba oil that is long wearing and surprisingly not  "sticky ".The shade is a " Rich copper hue with a hint copper shimmer ". I am more of a light colored/transparent gloss person,so i am not much of a fan of this shade as it is very metallic-y and copper-y.I do love that it is super glossy but is not sticky at all.This shade is not just impressive to me and is not flattering to me either.So the product is good,the shade is just not me!

In My Opinion, Mineral Makeup Eye products are especially really good and you will fall in love with them once you use it.The mineral Foundation and cheek products are subjected to personal choice.But you cannot not like the texture and finish of them though.

Also the fact that it is all natural makes it more appealing to me.

Here is a look using Burnished Bronze and Gold Sparkle Prismatic only,applied over foundation and just mascara on lashes and kajal on lashline:

So,Have You Tried Lumiere or any other Mineral Cosmetics?! What is your Opinion about them?!

Buh-Bye For Now!

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