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Monsoon Sky Inspired EOTD

Today's EOTD is inspired by the monsoon season we in Kerala are having.We feel like sleeping in ALL DAY!I somehow love this weather,even though it makes you super lazy and go into hibernation mode.This look used the grey and purple color to intepret the dark skies.

Products Used:

So what Did you think of this look?!

As you can probably understand from me being MIA,my +1 classes started on 20th June and i was really busy last week to do any posts.I really hope to be back soon.I may not post as many posts as i did in may,but i sure as hell will try my best to.I have lots of products calling out to me to be reviewed and i will get to them all soon.

Also i would like to let you all know that i FINALLY won a giveaway,I won in Enamel Girl's blogaversary giveaway....I won.... China Glaze Anchor's Away Collection (yes, all 12!),Kiss French Manicure set amongst many other nail goodies!! here is a pic(I am not gloating at my fortune,more than that i am appalled at it...*touchwood* and just wanted to let you all in on my EXTREME excitedness..I started jumping when i got the mail(A La Komal At F21..:P):

Buh-Bye For Now!

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