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Motives Products Review

Motives By Loren Ridger is a brand created by a woman who loves makeup just like the rest of usLoren created Motives® cosmetics so every woman, on any budget, could enjoy high quality, custom-formulated cosmetics infused with antioxidants and vitamins that enhance true beauty and nourish the skin. Motives is about feeling empowered, beautiful and achieving goals, all at an affordable price.

I received some products from Motives® to try out and here is my take on them.

The eyeshadow I received is called "Heiress" and it is a frosty pink shade.It has a very shimmery finish and  is very pigmented and of a buttery consistency and is softer than usual pressed shadows.

It has minimal fallout,but due to its buttery consistency,it will tend to get broken while shipping(mine came intact with a small crack,but my friend Bhumika's was shattered),so take online purchasing of this particular product with a pinch of salt.But a good thing is that the packaging is very sturdy,More sturdy than any of the usual mono-shadows i have seen.

This is the look i previously did here using this eyeshadow

The next product I received was the Lustrafy Mascara in the shade Blackout.

This mascara claims that it will Amazingly pull up and curl lashes without having to use an eyelash curler, creating lashes so luscious everyone will think they are falsies.But sadly it neither pulls up the lashes nor gives it curl.
The wand is oversized in a bad way,the formula has too thick a consistency,but somehow manages to be runny at the same time.It gives no lusciousness to my lashes whatsoever.The only thing it does it make my already black lashes more inky black color.I tried multiple coats but the thickness does not improve and the multiple coats only managed to make my lashes have Clumps.So I am NOT loving Lustrafy Mascara.

The third product I received is the Motives LipShine in Juicy Watermelon.

This product is a true winner in my opinion.All its claims of moisturizing and conditioning is true and it provides luster and shine with zero stickiness.It also stays on for a long time(almost 3-5 hours) in this sweltering Kerala condition.It is the first makeup product that has EVER lasted that long on me without touch-up.When it comes to the shade-it is a true watermelon pink shade. with multicolored micro-glitters. 
The shade looks very fresh and is extremely wearable.The gloss has a distinct smell of caramel toffee,but its not too overpowering.So thumbs-up for Juicy Watermelon Lipgloss!!!

The last product is  The Shape And Sculpt Duo
     As of now i am a novice at shaping and sculpting so i cant review it on the basis of contouring,But when it comes to quality,the product has no fall outs,it glides on smoothly onto the skin,The brown shade has fine gold sheen to it and i think it could double as a bronzer too. The light part is almost matte with very small traces of gold sheen to it.
Right now i am using them both mixed together as a bronzer,i have also used the brown as eyeshadow lid color and the light shade as a highlight and it works well at that.For now i will conclude on this product by saying that it has very good quality and is multipurpose.When i eventually learn how to "shape and sculpt"i might redo its review on that basis.

You can purchase Motives® Cosmetics here

Buh-Bye For Now!

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