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piCture pOlish blog fest-Malt Teaser


I am so excited to be a part of the piCture pOlish blog fest!!piCture pOlish is an aussie Nail Polish Brand! piCture pOlish was created when two girls dream't of giving their family & friends a thank you gift that would capture a special occasion. What better way to relive a moment than with a personalised nail-polish, that was quirky & vibrant, that stands out from the rest!
    The piCture pOlish blog fest' s aim is to have every single piCture pOlish shade reviewed, swatched and published around the world on the same day! and i was lucky to be picked as one of the bloggers to be a part of this Fest and the shade i received for review is called Malt TeaserHere is what i think about it:

       Malt Teaser is the shade of milk chocolate,kinda like Dairy-Milk Silk.I am in love with this shade.It is a brown with purplish undertones.I am not a pro on what skin shades it might suit. But i can ASSURE that it will suit medium to dusky south asian skin-tone.So it will probably suit all olive skinned girls.

     The quality of the polish is really amazing! The polish does feel a bit too runny for my taste,but however,funny thing is that even if you put on too much of the nail polish it doesn't get thick and scrape off easily like many do.It also stays for a long while and i didn't see any tip wear until m 6th day sporting it and that is pretty damn good terms in my book.


Natural Light

If you wanna See the swatched of other colors or would like to buy piCture Polish,
Head on over to the site or To their facebook page !

Buh-Bye For Now!

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