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Oh What Do I DO?! Help me!!

I know I have been missing from my blog,but after classes started my life has been hectic.I sleep at 11 and wake up at 4.00 to get my school work done.Even though i have been NOT blogging,it doesnt mean that i have lost my love for makeup..Nor will i EVER.

Now lets come to what is up with the heading...I am in crisis.I got some amount of money as gift as it is eid By my aunt who adores me and also i am sure that i am gonna get more such gifts from my other elder cousins and aunts,uncles etc.I want to pool this money together and buy some NYX products Or MAC but my parents and brothers have BANNED me from buying any more makeup,saying that makeup is a consumable product and that since i have gotten more followers in this blog i got enough free makeup products too and i should be Satisfied with that!!! and that I shouldn't spend this much of money on consumables They compare collecting makeup to collecting variety of pizzas.They wouldn't mind if i bought lots of shoes/bags/books etc.But  i don't want any of those things...i WANT my makeup. You guys need to help me in how to convince them about how important makeup is to me...!!!. Can you please please help me???!

Just let me know what to do???!?

Buh-Bye For Now!

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