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Retro Look~KKCenterHK ES A68 Lashes

IF you have been around for a while reading my blog,you might remember this picture,It used to be my header picture when i took up blogging in the beginning.
I always planned on doing a look based of off this look but only got around to it yesterday night and here is my version:

Products Used:

Even though the Lower lashes has a colorless band,since my lash glue is black in color,it ended up looking like i lined my bottom lashline too... :/ :/

I loved the whole look and the lashes really did bring the look a complete look.But as usual while putting on lashes i poked myself in the eye and that is the reason my eyes look red in the last pic!!

And Nivedita asked me to make a tutorial on putting on falsies.I am not a pro,just average and learning,but are you guys intersted in a how to put on falsies tutorial and if so,in what format?! picture tutorial or slideshow?!

BuH-BYE For now!
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