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L'Oreal Paris Color Appeal Trio Pro 319 Aishwarya Rai Review


The The Color Appeal Star Secrets Trio Pro Eyeshadow collection has been specially designed to offer women everywhere made-to-measure shades that enhance the colour of their eyes. Created in collaboration with our L'Oreal Paris ambassadors, these signature eyeshadow collections are designed to bring out the stars in women everywhere.
Price: Rs 500/-

 Available in 6 shades
I own 319 which has
1)a metallic olive green with golden undertones,
2)an antique gold and 
3)a frosted white shade.
These are all buttery powder shadows which are not too hard and not too soft.They are well pigmented.

The 1st color has a satiny,metallic finish to it,the 2nd one is a shimmery gold and the 3rd one is a frost finish.
Staying Power:
These stay on for a fair amount of time,about 2-3 hours under the normal humidity over just foundation.They stay on for longer when worn in Air-conditioned areas and possibly when worn over a primer.

Value For Money:At Rs 500/- a pop i don't think this is very economical.

Final Thoughts:This trio had been on my wishlist for a long time,but when i finally purchased it in a blogsale and used it,i was kinda disappointed because the quality is not UH-MAZING like i expected it to be.The quality is so-so and frankly,you can get two maybelline quads at a lesser price and you get two shades extra too.They dont even have the justification that the shades are unique because even they are very generic and can be  almost duped using the Maybelline Emerald Isle Quad.

Ratings: 2.5/5
Buh-Bye For Now!

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