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StreetWear SmoothWear Blush In Pink Blossom Review

 "Sheer,smooth cheek color for naturally beautiful look"

Price:  Rs 215/-



I purchased this a while ago and hence cant remember the other shades and they have zero product information online.So No details about other shades.
The shade is have is called "Pink Blossom"its is a warm pink with peachy undertone to it-My favorite kind.When applied,it can give an instant flush,warmth and an overall healthy look to the face.It will suit almost all skin tones.It will give a rosy flush to the fair skinned people and just a slight rosy glow to the medium to dark skinned girls like me.

It is a powder blush,it is slightly on the harder side,i expected it to be less pigmented what with the harder texture and cheaper products just tend to be so,but this product gets picked up in a single swipe.

Surprisingly,it has a beautiful matte/satiny finish.It contains no gritty glitters and no chunky shimmery.So yay! I have been on the look out for such a blush for a long time.

Staying Power:
This is the part where it comes downhill.The blush stays on the cheeks only for a maximum of 2 hours in A/C condition.If you wear this and step out into the sun as we indian girls certainly will,it wont last even an hour.You will have to carry the blush and a brush along(the included brush might scar your face as it is made like paint brush)for touch-ups EVERYWHERE!!

Value For Money:
At Rs 215/- i think this is too steep because the beautiful shade and texture doesnt matter as it doesnt stay on your cheeks,for this price,you can add 35 rupees and get a good Colorbar Blush.

 Final Thoughts: 
Great shades,bad lasting.Either they have to increase the longevity or they gotta decrease the price by a lot for this to be a worthwhile purchase.
Ratings: 2/5 (+1 point for shade,+1 point for finish/texture -1.5 for not longlasting and -1.5 for high price)

Buh-Bye For Now!

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