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My first Hair Dryer~Philips Salon Dry HP4940~From VioletBag.com +Site Review


Is everyone else as glad as i am about all these new indian health and beauty stores popping up online?! And almost all of these sites have Cash On Delivery too.That is the best way to success in our indian market these days.
Anyways,Violetbag.com is one of the newbies in town amongst these online shopping sites.They are based in Bengaluru and sell products ranging from fragrances,makeup,skincare,bath and body products,haircare and a limited amount of men's products too.Like most sites,they have lots of fair discounts too.

I have been forever wanting to purchase a hair dryer and since i am nearly 17,my parents FINALLY gave me permission to get one and i got a Philips Salon Dry Hairdryer HP 4940. I wanted to get a light,and basic hairdryer from a good company and this is what i went for.It costs Rs 1,295,but the discount price on Violetbag.com is Rs.1,045.I will do an indepth review of that dryer after using it for while.

Now here is what i felt about Violetbag.com
To Sum it up,it is a very very very promising site and they are really efficient and customer friendly and i did get info that they are increasing their catalog and increasing their area of delivery and more products and delivery areas will be added within 4-6 months,so all of my current cons will be dealt with soon.
Will I Recommend/Repurchase From This Site?!: Hell yeah! I am already eyeing few other not easily available products to purchase from violetbag.com and i would recommend everyone and anyone to try this site out as they are great to shop from.

Buh-Bye For Now!

Note:I was provided with a voucher to shop at the site,but it has NOT affected my opinion-read disclosure policy at bottom of the page

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