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Pink Eye Makeup Tutorial~October-Breast Cancer Awareness Month

           I was inspired by Eesha From MakeupByEesha and by from the Beautiful Life Of A Girl Next Door to do a Pink makeup look in honor of October being the breast cancer awareness month.I wanted to go all out and do a dramatic cat liner and super pink And Super shimmery and Its been a while since i did a tutorial,so i thought i might as well do it now.(Please excuse the quality of the pictures-my cam has been borrowed by my cousin and these pics were taken on an Iphone 4 in the cloudy weather)

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Now... Onto The Tutorial...!!
At this moment,i want to remind everyone of you ladies to do self exams and to try and get educated as much as we can by reading up and even if we can't completely prevent it,try and lower the risks and be careful enough to diagnose yourself earlier on so that we wont have to lose more Ladies to it.

You can read about ways to lower the risks here: Breast cancer 
And Here about how to perform a Breast Self  Exam: BSE

And my heart goes out to all those beautiful ladies and families who has suffered due to Breast Cancer

Until then,Stay Healthy!

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