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Garnier Color Naturals~316 Burgundy Review,Experience,Before And After Shots

Garnier Color Naturals is a permanent color cream enriched with Olive oil, that nourishes the hair as it colors.  Your hair is deeply nourished, your color is richer, more uniform and shinier. The second ratio of olive oil in the conditioner is a real treatment for your hair. Your hair is soft and your color radiant ... And there is no grey hair!Price: Rs 139/-

Contents Of Pack:
Hair Colorant Creme,Developer Milk,Gloves,Usage Leaflet.

It is available in 5 Shades for Women-001 Natural Black,003 Darkest Brown,004 Natural Brown,005 Natural Light Brown and 316 Burgundy 
and 3 shades for men-001 Natural Black,003 Darkest Brown and 316 Burgundy

Since this was my first time using any colors on my hair,i was very cautious and rather scared that this would go into my eyes,but thankfully the Non-Drip claim stays true.It doesnt drip too much down onto your face/eyes.You do have to be careful of course,if you are very clumsy you might end up blinding yourself.If you are one of those,then this job is better left to a professional,or depend on a friend/sister/mom with steady hands.

Ease Of Use: 
The step by step intstrcution manual makes your job very easy.I made sure to buy a brush to color my hair,but I ended up using my gloved hands to get to large areas and used the brush only at the hard to reach places and i think this might be the best maneuver to do coloring on longer hair. 

I was expecting a more reddish color to my hair,only after being disappointed did i see it  online that dark hair doesnt pick up hair color well unless you bleach it first.I dont want to bleach my hair,so i am going to let it be.
      The apparently 'Burgundy' shade only shows up as a reddish tinge when i am in the sunlight or when i am flash photographed,I was really disappointed with that.But it is not the problem of the product,but due to fact that my natural hair color doesnt pick up color.

Before(with flash): 

AFTER(with Flash):
My Experience:
I wanted to have burgundy hair,but i ended up with red tinged hair.I am happy with the product due to its ease of usage and the fact that it is has no smell,but i think that when focusing on the indian market,they should mention on the cover that if you want the shade on the cover,you will have to bleach your hair.
Staying Power: 
I colored my hair back in May 29th and it has been 5 months exactly and since this is a permanent hair color,the color has not washed off,but a fair amount of root has started to show and i am not touching it up since i want to grow the color out.I think withing 5 months the color has nearly grown out near to my temple region.

Final Thoughts:
If i ever decide to color my hair again,i will go for the same product itself,but not this shade ever again.


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