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Why Have i been lacking posts?!+New Daily Series Coming Up

I wont lie,I have like a gazillion purchases and PR samples in my cupboard waiting to be reviewed and 1 or 2 looks to be uploaded.But I am lazy and I have started to feel that my blog is too damn monotonous.So whats the way to spice things up?!
I have decided to do a daily series thing i.e.,a specific kind of post for each day.That ought to keep things interesting for at least a while,right?!
So before the first of these posts are published tomorrow,I wanted to give you guys a run down of what each day and each Series is for.Do remember that there will be random EOTDS,hauls, reviews etc. other than these posts-but these are posts to make me stick to the timetable and blog more.
So the Series are:

None of these series ideas are particularly new to beauty blogosphere and I do not claim so.It is new to this blog and me and most of these serieses have been seen elsewhere.Please do not give me a hard time saying that these series are copies of other bloggers-I know that!

 So are you guys as excited as i am for these as I am?! What are you most excited for?! Lemme Know....!

Buh-Bye For Now!

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