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My Experience Shopping At StyleCraze.com

         I was provided with a Rs.500 Discount Coupon to stylecraze.com to review their site and here is the run down of what i thought bout it.

First off,What is StyleCraze.com?Who is behind it?!:
Style Craze is started by Chetana, an Amateur Make up artist from Hyderabad and  it provides the best in Cosmetics & Beauty care products to Indians at affordable prices combined with legendary customer service

I purchased a Faces Canada Stackable in 'rainbow".I was super excited to get this as Faces Canada arent available in my area and i have been lemming for these for a while now.
Now onto the Pros and Cons of shopping at StyleCraze.com.I recieved my product in a carboard box which had style craze written all over it
It had the product and a sample inside stuffed with lots of thermocol pieces-very safe
The eyeshadow was individually bubble wrapped
Which looked like This when opened up:
Plus there was the tiny sample of Jovess Tea Tree Face Wash in there too:



I loved the great packaging,the quick delivery...Oh Who am i kidding?! They gave me a free teeny tiny sample! I am a sucker for free stuff!!

www.stylecraze.com seems like the best of both worlds.With both the low-end and necessary high-end brands to shop from.I would definitely recommend it and would love to shop more and more from there

Buh-Bye For Now!

Note:I was provided with a voucher to shop at the site,but it has NOT affected my opinion-read disclosure policy at bottom of the page

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