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Finding Your Signature Eyeliner Style

This post is inspired by my lovely bestie Amitha AKA Amy,who has been sporting her radical eyeliner style ever since i could remember her and still gets complemented on it and carries it like a champ.She has grown up,gone through a lot of stuff,but keeps true to her inherent self in the littlest of thing-the way she lines her eyes.She has inspired me and made me realize how us girls find our identity in sometimes the vainest things.

In the average Indian girl's vanity,a number of black eyeliners in every single imaginable formula is a staple item,especially the liquid liner and the kajal.I have been wearing eyeliner since i was in 7th grade and i feel like i look sick when i don't wear any eyeliner.For me,a signature eyeliner style is a trademark for a person's style and taste.Your eyes are the windows to your soul and the way your dress up your windows shows how you like to think dress up yourself. For most of the readers,you might be thinking that I am rambling on,maybe so.But the truth is that i have struggled with finding an eyeliner style that suits my style.Although the whole process is a case of trial and error and sequential experimentation,over the years of my research,i have saved some images and understood some things that i want to share with my fellow beauty lovers out there.First off,i want to show my signature eyeliner style,
This is a shot of my eyes taken before i left for school.I do a rather basic eyeliner style,with the liner on the top lash line getting thicker as it moves outwards,and I slightly wing it out at the ends at times and on the bottom lash line,I do a super thin line of black liquid liner and put kajal on the waterline to bring the whole thing together.I like to keep it simple because,well I have always been a No Muss,No Fuss kinda person on a day to day basis.So I don't like to spend too much doing my eyeliner,and I want to do something everyday that I am sure I wont mess up when I know I may not have time to wait for it to dry.The only way I switch this up,is by adding a colored liner on the bottom lash line and water line instead of the day to day black.Usually,I like to match the colored liner to the dress I am wearing.

Here is  a picture of such a style I once sported,
Now,I wanna show you a a VERY different eyeliner style from mine,my best friend Amy's.
She is rather a trendsetter when it comes to fashion and rather radical at that and  her signature style shows just that.This has been her signature style ever since I remember and she loves it so much that she NEVER switches it up.She also has a kinda like for emo/goth styles,so this is perfect for her.She plays up her best feature,and manages to show off a part of who she is by going so bold with her eyeliner and showing off her hard as rock style.Every single person who knows her associates the eyeliner style as a part of her persona.

How to Find YOUR Signature Style
Now,here are a number of pictures i have found online that shows many variations of the eyeliner,any one of these could become a person's signature style.

All you gotta do is take your pick,try it on yourself,see how it looks and feels,adjust the style and technique to suit your personal preference,style and eye shape and make it your own and make sure that it is really SO YOU,that whenever people who know you see something even similar to this style,they instantly associate it with you.

I hope you all find this post useful,and I am glad to be writing after a long time.I have been super busy with my school work,but right now i am on a 10 day holiday,and i wanted to pop by and do 2 or 3 posts here.

Buh-Bye For Now!
P.S.I am starting a new blog with my bestie(her eyes featured above)we are still in the beginning of it,but we plan to make it a blog featuring everything a girl could be interested in-fashion,beauty,fitness,nail art,healthy recipes,hair.
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