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The Straight Hair Experiment:My Try!

"The grass is always greener on the other side of the lawn" is an apt quote when it comes to us women,and our hairs.I have naturally curly hair and ever since I could remember I have longed for poker straight hair and has been nagging my parents constantly for a flat iron or a relaxing treatment But for the fragile hair of a teenager,my parents didn't think it was that great an idea.So,one day I decided to take matters into my own hands.

You have to understand,many women may have ''beauty experiments that I regret doing" stories.This is not one of that. I dont regret this experiment even a little bit.I figured something out that I could do to get that hair I wanted.It is damaging,yes,but so is any heat styling when used regularly.

So,when I was 16 and all my friends were flaunting their either poker straight flat ironed hair or their springy curled hair,I decided that I needed to know how my hair would look like if it was straight,if it was the way i wanted it to look.whether my parents were right in saying that i look much much better with my natural hair.I had a brief i idea about what i had to do.I googled all that I needed to know to be successful on my mission,watched the most videos i could find on youtube.

The experiment was broken down into two steps over two days.

I washed my hair with a good shampoo and conditioner the night before,and towel dried it.Then to the wet hair,i applied some normal run of the mill men's hair gel with extra strong hold.Then I sectioned my hair and wrapped it tightly around my head with many many bobby pins and then out a scarf over the still wet hair,and went to sleep.The first step was over.
The next day,I woke up determined  and equipped with my bottle of serum,blow dryer,flat brush, iron-box and a small towel.I started the second step of my experiment.
   My hair was still a little wet.I added a healthy amount of serum to it and dried it using the blowdryer and flat brush trying to make it as straight as i can with just the dryer.It got out some waves,but not all.I wanted it to be poker straightThen,I sectioned my hair,as one normally should to flat iron hair,and started using the clothes iron on my hair.I put the towel under the hair and the iron box over the hair and pulled it as taut as i could whilst applying a lot of pressure and it actually looked really really straight.I did this all around the hair and over all the layers and even on my fringe and i saw for the first time what i had been dreaming of all my life and i loved it!
   Yes,my hair had less volume than my normal wavy hair.Yes,it looked very different than my normal self,but,MY GOD, I loved it.I had expected myself to burn my hand or worse,my hair.But neither happend.And yes,it was a lot of work for pretty hair.But as women,we all know that when it comes to our vanity,nothing is too much work to get exactly what we want.
    So,even without the help of any flat iron,I got the hair I always wanted.At least for 1 and a half hour and some pictures,after which the hair fell limp and started curling at the back again,since i forgot the crucial material that i should have and could have bought,the extralong hold hairspray.But for that 1 and a half hour,i had what I wanted and I felt great about that!
    I have done this once again for once or twice before some  functions as my parents still refuses to get my hair professionally smoothened,and it has looked good every single time.I have even done this just to my fringe and left the rest of my hair in its natural texture and it looked good too.
This was my experiment and my method to get straight hair.This might horrify some of you,or crack up some of you.Either way,even if you decide to try it or not,it worked for me and I believe I have every right to say that my way works!!

Buhbye For Now!

P.S.If you decide to try this,please please please be careful while handling the iron,do not put it at too high a heat and dont use an iron thats too heavy to hold in your hands,because you might lose your balance and drop it on yourself.
P.p.s. All images from Google Images for illustrative purposes only

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