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Cannes 2013: Freida Pinto Up To Now!!


Although I am not a big Freida Lover, she's got style and that oomph factor that no one can ignore! I am a sonam lover through and through,but i am loving freida's every look so much.
For the first round of interviews,the ladies of L'oreal Sonam And Freida were found at the french riviera in understated yet stylish outfits.

Although I've searched high and low for information on Freida's green outfit,I am yet to find out who did it.

At the Great Gatsby Screening though,Freida pulled out all stops in her pink halter custom Gucci.
I  thought the very grecian looking gown was very flattering for her and highlighted her exotic look.The show stealers in this utfit was was the heels though.

Her makeup was rather neutral and understated yet again.She seems like one of those people who knows what looks good on them and sticks to it.

At the jeune & Jolie Screening, Freida did it again with a  Sanchini sequined silver gown that was da bomb!!! It is really flattering and fun and so her! The gown,the strappy  sandals,the butterfly hair accessories ,along with the soft romantic hair and red lipstick had her looking like a old Hollywood lady.


Here are a few close up shots of her makeup look:

 Thats all that's out about Freida till now.
All I've got to say is she's got some style that sets her apart! 

Here is a special shot by L'Oreal of their two leading ladies together on day 2!!

What do you think of Freida's looks?!
Love her?!/Hate Her?! 

Comment Away!!

Buh-Bye For Now!

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