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Cannes 2013: Sonam Kapoor Day 2

Sonam Kapoor's outfits of day 1,although very pretty still did not make me go "I wish I was her".But the Day 2 Dolce&Gabbana strapless dress had me squealing like a little girl, and going:''Look,look! How Pretty!!!!!" to my mom.She wore this to the Juene & Jolie Screening.

Although she did her best look so far on this day,she also wore her worst so far at Cannes 2013 with the dove gray Shehla Lehenga.
I loved the silhouette and the prints and just the way she carried herself in this dress.She wore a Sunita K necklace that was covered delicately by her long side swept locks.I just cant stop looking at her  in this dress.
 She wore a pair printed pumps along with this floral gown.

Her makeup was very soft yet very flattering and it highlighted her beautiful skin and her long hair made me want to grow out my long bob.But I am pretty sure,I can never keep my hair that good.


I just cannot get over the fact of how beautiful she looks.

The second look of the day at a L'Oreal Soiree at Cannes 2013,she wore this dove grey lehenga by Shehlaa Khan and some pretty jewels by Chopard.

Although I love the dove grey and black lehenga on her,I hate the design so much.It looks like the remains of a scary 90s lehenga/churidar. But the jewels are very gorgeous, and I wished it would have been more highlighted. 
What I really loved about this look was the makeup and hair.It was so soft and healthy and young! The hair was twisted back into a great low-do.
To me,it seemed like this makeup look was kind of this same look that was released along with L'Or Sunrise Look.Although a little different with the eyemakeup, I think the lipcolor and eyeshadow is the same.

I am hoping to see even better things from Sonam In the near future at the Cannes 2013.

What do you think of her Dolce&Gabbana Look?!
Any takers for the Shehlaa Khan lehenga?!

Leave Comment And Let me Know What You think!!

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