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Cannes 2013: Vidya Balan So Far..!!


I love watching getting to know about the Cannes Film Festival.Although I could care less about the movies (*moment of pure honesty*),I love watching my favorite ladies Sonam Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai dress up in otherworldly dresses and Out of the box makeup.Since I am a little late to start with the posting updates,I am going to begin with the run down of what they have wore till now.

I am only sharing stuff about Sonam Kapoor,Freida Pinto and Vidya balan,since right now they are the only ones there who interest me (*sorry Mallika*).If there is anyone else who catches me eye further down the road,i will be sure to include her as well.

I am also thinking about doing unoffical (read:Non Loreal) breakdown of their makeup looks.

Note: Yes,my source is mainly  HighHeelConfidential.

Let's Start with Miss.Never Gets Outta Neutrals,Vidya Balan.

At her Hotel Martinez arrival,she wore a red and black simple Lehenga and although this is what is expected of her since the traditional look is what she looks good in,I was hoping to see a little more color on her.Something Other Than Neutrals and red and black and the occasional saffron shade!

At the jury photocall,yet again she wore a off white saree with black blouse and a really pretty necklace!! Again,she was in neutrals.I am not saying that she doesnt look good.But would it kill her try something new and NOT boring?! 
But her makeup here looks like a very good neutral brown look that would easily suit all Indian skintones! If you want to take inspiration for neutral brown smokey eyes.This is it! I actually love her whole makeup look here.It is so understated yet classy.
You can see the eyes clearly in this shot of her with Cristopher Waltz.
At the screening of "The Great Gatsby",she wore yet another off whiteish,and mundane lehenga.Although her makeup looked flawless,Its she always seems like a boring let down for me.


and lastly (for now,in this list),She wore yet another red/neutral combo to the screening of "Young and Restless".She wore some interesting fun jewellery,but thats about as far as it goes.She of course again pulls out the perfect charcoal eyemakeup for our Indian Skintone.

*She needs to fire who ever styles her and give her makeup artist a raise!

 And what the hell is up with her high neckline?!! Sure,she is not really "fit" or "svelte".But she would look so much better with a more flattering neckline.

Whats up with the nosething?! Sonam Wore it to the premier,now VidyaBalan! Is this like the new trend?!!

Anyways,That enough VBalan for the day I guess.

 Let me know what you think of her look?!
Are you a Vidya/her Sabyalook lover?!
Would you like a breakdown of any of her looks? (so far,or forthcoming,do let me know)

Buh-Bye For Now!

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