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DIY Bulletin Board

I know there are a 101 posts online on how to DIY bulletin boards.But right now,i am trying writing different topics to get my "Joojoo" back. For a while I have been spending a lot of time online trying to do some DIY projects and this is one that really turned out like I wanted it to,although it did take some tweaking.

Things I used:

*Note that some of the things in the picture i ended up not using since well,they didnt work out for me in the end.

  1. Thermocol (Polystyrene) sheet- About 1 in. thick,I believe. I don't know the exact size since i brought the standard size and it was exactly what i wanted.
  2. A cloth of suitable color,I used a turquoise polyster material I had left behind from an old dress of mine. Make sure that the cloth is sufficiently larger than the thermocol sheet,atleast 5in. bigger on all sides.
  3.  Lots and lots of straight pins.
  4. A scale.
  5. A piece of tailor's chalk or white oil pastel.
  6. Scissors.
  7. Satin Ribbons-1in. wide and a smaller one.

Step-By-Step Tutorial

  1. First off, spread the cloth on a flat surface,either a big table or the floor.Then put the thermocol sheet on top and mark off 3inches off each side using the tailor's chalk or white oil pastel,lik
  2. Then mark it around all the 4 sides like so:
3.Then using a good pair of scissors,cut out the cloth in the marked dimensions like so:

 4.Then put the thermocol sheet on top of the cloth as in the above picture and fold it down tightly over the cloth.

 5.I used some pieces of duct tape on the back side to hold the cloth in place,like so:

 6.I then folded down the edges and pinned it down using lots of straight pins,like so:

*I actually wanted to use duct tape to hold down everything,but it wasn't working for me since it was not really sticking to the fabric that I was using.

7.Then I took the 1inch wide White Satin ribbon and cut it at a length longer than the length/breadth of the side I was using it for,then I pinned it to the back of the board using more pins,like so:
Once all the four sides were done,it looked somewhat like this:
8.In order to make it even more pretty,I made a little bow, using the inch 1 inch bow and the smaller  one for the middle part.I then pinned it the side of the board using,of course the straight pins.
*You know what?! I have a new-found respect for straight pins after this project!! seriously!!! 

9.You can now stick it the wall using whatever you prefer..I tried using double sided tape,but it was not working for me.I don't know whether it was because the tape I used was old or because it just isn't strong enough to stick to the cloth.So,I ended up putting on fevi-bond to the double sided and then sticking it the cloth to make sure it was really,glued there. 

Once,You are done with the whole thing,it will look somewhat like,

So,thats my bulletin board!!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! If you want to see more posts of this kind,so let me know!!
Buh-Bye For Now!

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