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My Life Update+My Room Makeover


Since I've been away from my blog for almost,well one year,I have changed in a lot of aspects.The sad news is that I don't buy makeup (not as much as I used to anyway). I am currently waiting for my 12th grade results and I have decided that I want to do THIS,write for a living.So,I am going to join for Journalism for my graduate program.I hated the last one year of constant studying and busy schedule,and although I would like to say that I was not blogging because I was busy with school work,that would be straight up lying.The truth is that I just was not inspired to write about anything,or do any makeup either.For a person who loves eye makeup,I was strangely boring.My go-to makeup was eyeliner and mascara and just a lip-balm.I hadn't touched my eyeshadow for the last one year...Imagine that!!

So that's that!! I even began a new blog with my bestie over at allgirlnetwork.blogspot.in.But neither of us could stick to it!! But if you wanna see my gorgeous bestie and her even gorgeous-er sister sport some sarees and look wonderful doing so, check out the blog.

 But something that I have been wanting to do for a long time is make my room over.I wanted it to have a Parisian,classy Chic look.I have loved the color turquoise for as long as I could remember,plus I am a Sagittarius,so it's like it was meant to be.I also wanted the whole all furniture the same color, clean cut look for my room. This is what my room used to look like,
Do note that this picture was taken right before taking everything out of the room to get it painted. Its not usually this messy,although it is kinda messy usually,but it's better most of the time. I wanted this room to be as pretty as it could be.I had kind of messed it up by sticking posters all over the wall,and whenever I removed it,patches of paint came off with it.
So,in order to make my room more girly,and pretty,I decided to paint it turquoise and paint all the furniture white.I have also made a bulletin board with turquoise material and white satin ribbon trimming.I am also planning to get a white wardrobe and is planning to put up some painting of Paris or maybe Audrey Hepburn.I haven't decided between them yet.
 I also put up some cute bird wall decals on one wall to make it look even prettier. I am not going to do the big reveal right now.But I will just give a sneak peek of the color the room is right now..
 In a following post,I will show step by step how I made a bulletin board in order not to have to stick stuff upon the wall and then have the paint come off when I take it off. You can see the bird decal,I put up over there on the side.
So, I hope you all liked catching up a little with me.I am going to try and get into the groove of things again.I know it might take a while,but i am going to try and start posting frequently again (*hopefully*) Although,i do have my hands full at the moment being a paid writer for stylecraze.com and going to driving classes.Yes,I am 18 now!!!

 In the meantime,be a dear and help me out by telling me what you would like to see as posts from me.

Buh-Bye For Now!


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