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Makeover Monday: The Roots Of This Series


I have always been a lover of makeover shows like Tim Gunn's Guide To Style and Extreme Makeover, and has always loved to see how just plain Janes like you and me turn in to these gorgeous girls with drop dead gorgeous looks. I have always seen these makeovers as something that only happens to the more fortunate ones,with more,well, fortune.But once I started reading upon the internet i realized that it is indeed pretty possible for the normal folks too.

There maybe people who are satisfied with their looks,but there are a lot of girls like me who were insecure about the way they look during their time in high school and want to change their whole look before entering into college,or when transitioning from student life to work life.
So,I am going  to start a series of posts every Monday on doing a complete makeover, few of the topics that I have decided to include are :

 While doing these posts, I am slowly trying to give myself a makeover too! I wish I could show you my pictures,but i have strict policy not to share my pictures on my blog,so I am sorry. But I will tell you in detail what all I am changing about my looks.

Buh-Bye For Now!

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