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Stylish Saturday: How Would I Wear -Florals

In the fashion world lingo,the current season is spring even though our little country is raining cats and dogs and we'd rather sleep in our pjs than dress up and go out.But we never have the liberty to do that,since we have classes and all that jazz.So,when i go out in this rain,I make sure to wear clothes that are contradictory to the gloomy monsoon climate and go with florals and bold colors,but try to tone it down at the same time with some nude accents too.

In Jabong.com there are a lot of really pretty floral Kurtas and i would probably pair it with some white/nude churis and nude dupattas and do somewhat of a look similar to the first one.
In my opinion,florals always looks good when paired with more toned down clothes and the focus is on a single piece of clothing and the others complement it rather than it being all matchy matchy.

Or else i Like to do it the other way around and pair the outfit one or two nude pieces with a single color that complements it.But i always make sure to wear comfortable shoes in the rain since i dont want to just slip on the ground and fall flat on my ass in the wet frigging rain.
A Rainy Day Pick Me Up

A Rainy Day Pick Me Up by thebabblequeen featuring michael kors

Monsoon fun..!

Monsoon fun..! by thebabblequeen featuring a satchel bag

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