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TMI Tuesday: My Favorite Youtube Beauty Gurus (The Ones Who Taught Me Makeup)

Hey there sweeties,

There are a lot of women who learned to wear makeup from their mom or aunts,but for me there was no one in my family who loved makeup like i do.I started loving makeup ever since i was 3 years old,I am sure you have all heard the story of how my mom used to rip out pages from the magazine that showed makeup ads because I would keep staring at it for hours at an end.
After that initial period of makeup love,i stayed away from all that till i discovered the youtube makeup scene back in 2008,when i was in 8th grade and then there has been no looking back.
These days,there are so many gurus on youtube that you can't keep track off.But 5 years ago,there were a few who were truly exceptional and being introduced to this world changed my whole life.

I am doing this blog post as a thank you for all those gurus who are truly my gurus. You have  truly changed a girl's life!!

*The following is a long post about how much and why i love each of the following gurus! So please beware..It is very praise-y.Not because i paid to promote them..but i think they deserve even more fans than they already have.If you are not interested in reading..just checkout those videos I have attached and understand why these people are so great!*

Julia Graf AKA Misschievous

This is the woman that changed my life.I think the first video i saw from her was  the Marie Attoniette Makeup Look.It was so young fresh and PINK!! that I instantly fell in love with her videos and I was watching her videos 24x7.

Her looks were so gorgeous and she seemed so at ease doing what she loved and she was so pretty!! that I become a Misschievous lover! And then Halloween rolled around and then came out the crazy Halloween looks that totally bowled me over! Like the

Mother Earth Look:

 Japanese Kabuki Look 
and forest sprite look
 and then about 2 years ago,she started on a weightloss plan and lost over 40lbs in 1 and a half years and she is still my biggest weightloss inspiration.
You can check out her playlist for videos about weight-loss here and also stay updated on her second channel TheThirdShift.

 Michelle Phan

Perhaps one of the most famous youtube beauty guru ever,Michelle is a name almost everyone in the online beauty community knows. I loved watching her initial videos like

the basic smokey eyes look

and after watching the purple haze look,i was hooked!!

 She was the one who originally did the actually professional makeup tutorials on youtube with sleek editing and wonderful voice over.Plus,her voice was like a dream and her good luck! at the end actually made me feel like if i tried her looks,i could actually pull it off. Since then she has come a long way,with awesome graphics and HD shots.More than that,she takes time and makes videos that makes women feel good about themselves, she makes videos that makes them feel a little bit better.Thats what truly makes her great
She has went from a young girl doing makeup in front of her camera to a professional makeup artist teaching others to be their best self.

The other gurus that i started watching during my earlier times are:
Petrilude..His Over the top makeup made me want to be a makeup artist when i grew up..because it was that good.

Google these people or check out their youtube channel and get started on your journey towards falling in love with makeup!

Buh-Bye FoR nOW!

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