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Some Fitness Goals To Strive To Achieve


  Sometimes,losing weight is not what a person needs to strive for in order to gain motivation.If you focus on a number on the scale,you will get disheartened if it doesn't go according to what you want. But if you set some fitness goals to achieve,you will always be motivated and you will be getting fitter along with it. I have understood from experience that this is the best way to lose weight and get fitter,as I am in the process of getting fitter too.

I should be upfront and say that I have been lagging like CRAZY in the last 2 months.I am out of excuses.I was just being human,I guess.But I want to change that.I need to change that since I have another reason to get fit too since my brother is getting married in January and I want to wear a gorgeous customized dress and I need to be F.I.T. for that. I have learnt the hard way that focusing on my weight is going to make me hate myself.So from tomorrow,my goal is to eat in controlled amounts and workout.Instead of weight goals,I am setting Myself these fitness goals as well and I thought a lot of you might be interested in it as well.So here it is:

  1. Workout for 5/7 days a week for a month straight

    This is a very realistic goal for me since I am going to college everyday and in that case there is correct schedule to stick to and this will make things easier for me.I might even try to overshoot and workout on Saturdays too.
  2. Do 15 bend knee/10 normal push ups

    This is will be big toughie since I have zero upper body strength and has never been able to do at least a single push ups. But there is not time like today to try right?
  3. Complete a fitness program like Turbo Jam

    I have always done this kind of workouts from here and there.Picking and choosing the videos I like and never doing the entire program  like I am supposed to.But I am going to stop that and start doing the proper Turbo Fire schedule soon.
  4. Run up and down a stair 5 times without getting winded and dizzy

    I have been very sedentary ever since this January and even going up and down the stairs has become a hard thing for me.I don't want to be old before my time.So,I am going to try and climb the stairs as many times as i can every single day.
  5. Break a bad habit or make a new good habit every month and stick to them

    I have read everywhere that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit.I am going to either try to break a bad habit by saying no again and again,or try to make a new good habit by remembering to do it again and again.This month,I think I am going to learning to serve myself half of what i usually serve myself and thereby learning to controls my portions.
  This is how I am going to be taking care of myself from tomorrow..How are you going to do it??! 

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