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TMI Tuesday:Share My Handwriting,My Favorite Quote And An Update As Usual


I know I am not blogging super star like Michelle Phan or The Fowler sisters for you guys to want to see and the little parts of my life.But I want to share little parts of me with the people who keep my blog going. I often see that so many of blogs have started to lack the reason people loved it in the first place,the soul and I dont want to lose out on that. I am going to share little tidbits about myself every Tuesday as long as I can keep coming up with topics. Now here is one,my handwriting. 

As long as I've remembered,i have hated my handwriting.Its just that I am a very messy person and a very messy writer.My words are never straight enough and dont even get me started on the cutting off and crossing off that i have a tendency to do all the time. But here is a little preview of my handwriting and I have written down my favorite quote too.

These words were said by Marylin Monroe and these are the words that i love the most. The words explains it all. I want to be everything in life but BORING.

I hope you all enjoy this little itty bitty parts of me that I share on here.I really do miss reading comments though.I often see that so many readers stopped leaving comments.It seems like only bloggers who actually blog leave comments anymore and that too usually in order to get people to look at their own blogs and even I have to admit that it is so hard to comment on all the blogs you read since there are so many out there.But I do wish I could write more posts worth being commented on.I am not saying this in order to get "comments" but i just wanted to say what i felt.

Anyways, My college has started and I have found myself a group of new friends who are not that into blogging or any of those stuff even though we are studying Communicative English With Literature,Communication And Journalism.A lot of them want to be teachers actually.But I am really enjoying having a whole new set of friends who know nothing about me. It is sort of refreshing to start over with no excess baggage or drama looming over your head.A clean Start.

Anyways,enough about me..Tell me about you guys..

Do you love your handwriting?!
If you do share you handwriting on your blog,i would love to check it out.
Did you have a CLEAN start at college or did you go with your highschool besties and sweet heart in tow?!
Do you notice the commenting phenomenon that i just said?!

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