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Seach For The Perfect Sister Of Groom Outfit


So, my brother is getting married in January and I know its four and half months away,buT I want to get a head start on getting my outfit in order since I have been waiting for this opportunity since I was like 10 or something (Random fact:my eldest brother is 13 years older than me). FINALLY,the time is here and since the day of the engagement I have been looking at various designs on wedding sites and the pages of nearby designer boutiques. But,it took so much effort to find things that i actually liked.I still haven't found the perfect match,but I am looking at various designs and is planning to incorporate them into doing a customized outfit.

And since the wedding season is in full swing right now,I decided to share the many many designs that i have collected over the last few..years,really.After all,the bride's and groom's sisters are just as important as them!!! I am also providing links to the Facebook pages of a few of the best boutiques in Kerala whose work I've personally found to be the best among the lot.

I am interested in mainly long anarkalis since I have seen so many of my cousins and friends buy lehengas/lachas for their sibling's weddings and it ends up being tough to handle AND they never wear it again.My aim is to find/create a design that is unique and gracefully and totally me.Most of the designs I like tend to be Pakistani bridal wears or kind Pakistani in style for some reason!! seriously,those girls have the best taste in clothes.
So enough talk,here are some of the works I really like.

Dream Designs:
There is something very HATKE about this design and it looks very fun and there are so many colors that I saw this picture a long time back,and I saved it instantly.
 This design was recently seen at the Bridal Couture 2013,(I think) and it looks very classy and even though,I am not interested in doing anything in white for the wedding,I really like the design and would like to incorporate it into some other color,maybe purple.
Even though I do not want a lehenga, I have seen this design floor length anarkali with a skirt/dress underneath and full length top over it,and it looks very graceful too.These are some desigs of that type that I saw over at peachesandblush. My favorite is the second one,hands down!!

 One of the few colors I have always loved is peach,but I have never been able to find the right shade since all the shades I do find,tends to make look dull. I have become super tanned and I am trying to get back to my normal skin tone for ikaka's wedding,and if I do ,I really want to wear something in peach and these are some of the designs that caught my eye.


Another photo i really liked.I am by no means wearing something like this,but I love the color and the detailing on the skirt for some reason and I am sure I could incorporate it into an anarkali.

 Another floor length peach anarkali with a skirt underneath.

Peach design paired with aqua and to add to it,there is train too.
P.S.this is not particularly wearable for us- sister of the groom/bride, since we will be running around and it wont be much fun to trip over our own dress.
But it is a beautiful combo.

The next color I have been obsessed with forever is turquoise,or even kind of a pistachio shade.(You have already seen the color of my room).

The following design seems intriguing,but i don't think it is very  unpractical just like the one above,since this one too has a train,but I love the mixing of two shades of green and the pearl works always gets to me.

This pistachio and cream looks very pretty and graceful and this color combination is surely a winner.

I had saved this churidar design like 4 years ago or something.The color is to die for and the dainty gold work is very intricate,classy and gives it a true "expensive" look(sometimes,expensive clothes with too many works starts to look cheap,in my opinion).

Next design I really love is the gradient design.I have no idea,where I have collected these designs from,but they all are very pretty and i especially love the first one.

This is another random design that I loved for some reason.I am not much of a yellow fan,but this design is surprisingly good and is very new-agey for a churidar design.

Closer to home:
While searching for boutiques in Kerala,I came across two gems and they are:

Located at Panampilly Nagar, Zuleiha is run by Shehazeen Siyad. I have seen her at some family functions,and if this lady has a hand in making the clothes,it will be classy for sure.
They are very adept at doing classy ethnic wear.

The above few are some of their designs.There are a lot more photos on their Facebook,but I have refrained from posting them since most of the photos are photos of customers wearing them and I wouldnt want to hurt their privacy.
You can see more designs at http://www.facebook.com/zuleihaonline

Pashmina Boutique:
This boutique is at Cherooty road at Kozhikode. These people really know what they are doing.Since Kozhikode is predominantly a Muslim area,most of their looks are very Pakistani like,which I LOVE.
They do a marvelous job of delivering custom orders.
You can see a few of their looks here.
I think they even do custom designs over the net.
Infact,they have done the first design I put up in dream designs:

The following is custom order done by Pashmina,inspired by a churidar that Kareena Kapoor wore.
This is the original:
and this is the churidar done by Pashmina:

You can see more details and contact details about them at: http://www.facebook.com/pashminaboutique

I am yet to make my decision on which color to wear,which boutique to get it done at,or even my budget.But I am having a blast searching for the anarkali that is totally me.

(If I am like this at my brother's wedding,I wonder what I'd be like at my own..I will probably be DulhaZilla..)
Anyways, I will do follow up posts when i finalize on the design and when i finally get it done.

Till then,

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