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Unapolagetic Apology + Choose Your Favorite Look

Yes,I am a very bad blogger.Yes,I have not posted in a while and yes,I feel guilty.


The truth is that I started this blog back in 9th grade when I was obsessed with all these things and had no outlet and this was where everything spilled out.But these days,I have more people in my life with common interests and I have more priorities in life,like doing my UG in Journalism,writing for the teenager magazine and stylecraze.com. This is my blog and I believe in writing when I have something worth writing about.All this was said more to myself than to my readers.I just wanted get out my blogger's guilt out of my system.Now that that's out of the way,
 I have this big folder of inspiration pictures of eye makeup that i love and would love to recreate,but I would really love it if my readers (who are still around,I guess),would love to see recreated here on BQD,
(Confession:I did change the name of my blog to make it more abbreviatable ,yes i just created that word.Deal With It)
Now Onto The Looks that I personally found awesome.These are all found through Pinterest. I am on pinterest and I pin really cool stuff.(see what i did there? *wink wink*). You can follow my boards here.
 Oh,don't be lazy,go on and scroll till the end of this post!! 

I know it will be pretty easy to tell me to do all the looks,but just let me know which ones are your most favorite.
And If I don't receive any comments,I will be very very sad! :(
I have no weird pop up comment box or captcha to clear y'know..Its hassle free..Just comment away!! Even random things,I love random people and I love being random
That's enough grovelling for comments for today I guess,

Until Next Time!

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