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Wedding Season Ramblings Pt.2: Outfit Updates

You can read Part 1 of my wedding season ramblings here 

I feel like I should write an apology about why I am not writing anymore.But I honestly have no reasons,other than the fact that I am having a wonderful time at my college and that I find it hard to find the time and inspiration to write anymore.But I have been driving my family and friends mad by talking about nothing but wedding outfits and makeup for my brother's wedding and not to mention my closest cousin sister is getting married a week before that. All in all, wedding season is in full swing and I cant help but talk about anything else. So I decided I better get it out of my system by talking about it here since I know that I am not the only wedding crazy girl out there.

I am a person who LOVES talking and organizing and just looking at weddings and I don't think I am the only one like that.One of my dream jobs would be to work as a wedding planner..*A La JLo in The Wedding Planner* (the other dream is to be like Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada and that is what I am trying to become right now)..
Outfit Wise: 
Right Now, We are just starting off the wedding shopping and everything.I have given my day outfit and the bride's reception outfit(which the groom's family is supposed to purchase)  at Zuleiha. I have also purchased the saree that I am going to wear for the reception.Although I have an illustration of the day outfit,a picture of the inspiration for the bride's reception outfit  and pictures of the saree,I am not going to share it on here since a lot of my family and friends go through my blog posts and I don't want to show the dresses off before the wedding.But, I am going to give an overview of what the designs are.
For my day outfit,i chose the design of a gown I saw on the Aza Facebook page.I loved the yoke design and neck line of this design. Although the design is the same,I will be getting the work probably done with zardozi and gold beads or just plain zardozi.

The color I have chosen for the outfit is a rich peaock blue and the material is going to be silk. I am yet to decide between pure silk,Tusser silk and the rest. The reason for choosing peacock blue color is because I saw this gorgeous SVA anarkali and it just caught my fancy for some reason.It looked so rich,regal and seems like the color was something that was not too commonly used like the usual bridal reds and rich greens.

The Exact Color I am looking for

The major modifications are, although the design has a short cap sleeve,I am going to get a 3/4th sleeve and get some work done on the side of the sleeves as well. The anarkali is going to be floor length,of course and will be very full,around 5 metres of fabric will be used.All the work will be done in antique gold color.The ghera will have a similar design as the yoke and have some thin border trimmings.The dupatta is going to be light,probably using some good quality goergette and will be in the same shade as the anarkali and will only have some stones scattered all over it and have tassels at the corners,since I dont want to look too bridally and take away the attention from my sister-in-law.Plus,heavy dupattas are a bit*h to carry around. 
When it comes to the bride's reception dress,I am getting a Alpa & Reena outfit replicated,but we are changing up the color to electric blue and pink. The design used net,but we are also switching that out to Georgette since net it way too common and almost looks cheap these days. The dupatta is going to be more heavy since it wont look bridally enough otherwise. There will also be bhuthis at the edge of the dupatta and some heavy worked border as well. 
Lastly,my reception saree was the biggest surprise.I wanted to go for something very trendy and bright.I was looking at getting something similar to what Sonakshi Sinha wears in "Saree Ke Fall Sa", a song I am obsessed with right now..But, I ended up going to Jayalakshmi and I saw this gorgeous sandal colored saree and I was floored.Its rather sheer with golden border and golden and black work between the border, and since I am rather conservative,I cannot wear it as it is with a normal blouse.So I am going to try and get a long blouse done,thank god its in vogue right now!! I am either going to opt for a velvet blouse in black/ coffee brown shade or a sequined blouse.My inspiration pictures are as follows:
 ^This design is very classy and elegant,but I absolutely despise the tight high neck.The work and material is gorgeous.
 ^ My saree is the exact shade of the first saree and I really love how gorgeous the sandal color and coffee brown seems to go together.The sleeve length and even the neck looks really pretty,even if it is pretty high.If I go for velvet,I will definitely opt for a longer version of the first blouse.BUT the boutique people said that it might come to around 4k to get exactly what I want and I am not very happy about that since the velvet material comes to only around 650-700Rs. per meter and I am not a very "big" person.So 4k seems too steep for me.
^I have always wanted to wear this trend of a nice saree with glittery/sequined blouse and that is the reason why I am considering this design.I love the shade,material and sleeve length.If i go for something similar,I will get a longer and modest version of something similar done. Right now,I am very confused about what to opt for,but I will finalize things within the end of this week and will do an update then.

That's it about outfits for now. I have another post coming up about the makeup ideas for the wedding and of course about the accessories.But that comes later. Right now,Let me leave you with the two festive songs I am addicted to right now!!
*My friends say I kinda look like Sonakshi..and i have been obsessed with her ever since.Dont you just love it when somebody tells you look like some pretty actress?*
How gorgeous is Deepika Padukone in this song and how pretty is that Anju Modi outfit?? 

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