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Wedding Season Ramblings Pt.3: Wedding Makeup Artists In Ernakulam


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So, The wedding is just 42 days away. Things are getting a little too scary,right now. I have my university exams starting on December 10th.I am actually glad that the exams will be over by December 20th.I was actually scared that the exams might end up popping up on January 6th or something.So,I will probably have to go slow with the wedding stuff and start studying for the exams soon.When it comes to wedding preperations,
 The bride is busy with her search for the bridal makeup artist for the day function. She has narrowed it down to around 2-3 makeup artists she is going to trial.The groom's family is responsible for all things reception-y, and hence, the reception makeup is being done by Your truly!!

The run down on the reception makeup with be updated later!!
The Day Function:

The artist's narrowed down by the bride for trial are:

Ambika Pillai Salon: 

It seems like all anybody can talk about in the Ernakulam beauty scene is about the Ambika Pillai Salon that opened up here a while back. Ambika Pillai's hair and makeup works are legendary (Taal!!!). To be completely honest, I am a bit skeptical about this choice.The issue is that the makeup will not be done by her.Just because the artist that is going to work on you has the label name attached to it,does not mean that they will be equally good. I have even heard comments about Ambika Pillai's  (her personal ) bridal works being a little over the top at times and that she is best approached for hair or runway works.The last word has comes only after how the trial makeup goes.

2nd Floor,Evershine Arcade, 
Near Gold Souk, St Ritas Rd, 
Vyttila, Ernakulam, 
KL 682032
Ph: +91 484 4024455/56/57

Anez Anzare/Bridal Makeup Studio:

I don't think I have ever been more obsessed with any other Makeup Artist's works. Every magazine cover or advertisement or promotional photo makeup I like,it ends up being done by this guy. After seeing an interview on him and his shop,i was floored because I have never seen a malayali Makeup artist talk about makeup and beauty with such delectable knowledge and passion. His bridal works are out of this world. The best part is that he has the ability to make it seem like you are not wearing any makeup and that you just naturally look gorgeous. In my opinion, that is the signature of a true makeup artist. Yes,it sounds little like I am in love with this guy.Its purely beauty-related,I swear!!

The to-be SIL did not know about this guy till i forced her to look at his Facebook and she also thought that his was hands down the best work!! I will be sooo happy if she gets her makeup done by this guy.But again,can't say anything for sure till the trial makeup is done!
Just look at his works:

Check out the rest of his work on his FB profile here

Bridal Makeup Studio

Near Goodwill
Convent Junction
Ph:  0484 401 2223

Sabitha Sunil Alex:

I had never heard of her,before the to-be SIL told me about her.. Sabitha Sunil Alex has done a lot of magazine,ad works and does decent bridal works. Her works seem really efficient and decent. Her eye makeup especially seems really gorgeous although I think her foundation/base seems rather oily than glowy at times in her photos.Again,No judgements till the trial makeup is done.
South Kalamassery,
Ph: 086 06 060711
Facebook page HERE

Makeover Salon & Spa Lounge:

I have seen their ads in a lot of publications like Vanitha and seen their work on their Facebook page.Their work is really great and very professional. Their standard seems international at times. They do very soft,feminine and classy makeup looks and impeccable hairstyles.

Makeover V2.0 Salon Lounge.
OPP Elamkulam Petrol pump ,
SA Road,
Ph: 8907-000000
Facebook page HERE

I will update with the final decision as soon as the bride makes the decision!!

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