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Wedding Season Ramblings Pt.4: Reception Makeup Ideas + Best Red Lip Products

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So,yes.I am going to be doing the reception makeup for my Sister In Law. To say that I am scared,is an understatement. I know for a fact that I do not want to let anyone else do her makeup. To say that  I have looked forward to this for a long time, would be an understatement. I want to do my best work for her. I have the confidence of having done two bridal makeup works before this and I have another work to be done on December 29th for another cousin's marriage, yet I am scared.Right now I have a lot of things to decide. I am still confused about what kind of makeup look I want to do on her, what products to use,when to go buy them and the biggest dilemma for me is how I will manage the time to do her makeup,get her ready AND do my makeup,dressing and everything because I will be wearing a saree for the reception.

The day function will end at around 2.30-3.00 p.m. and the reception time is said to be 4.30 P.M. The family said that it will be fine if the bride gets there only 5.00 p.m. so there is at least a little wiggle room there.Thank god! Or Else I will be completely flustered about what to do and how to get things done in time.
For the Bride: 
When it comes to the makeup look, I have saved a lot of different pictures of makeup and I know that I want to highlight her eyes because they are  her best feature. As for the lips, I know that the red lip is the ultimate bridal symbol, but I think that going for something in a warm pinkish shade or even a bright pink might suit her and her outfit better since the outfit is electric blue and hot pink. Some of the pictures that I really liked are:
The lips are so nude and gorgeous! and look at that eyemakeup..the blending is lovely!

How gorgeous is this girl? I love the heavy eye makeup that doesnt look too OTT.The red lips are gorgeous too.

Subtle yet powerful. The eyes,the soft lips all scream classic beauty

One Word.EyeMakeup!!
I think the lipstick shade in this would look absolutely gorgeous with ithatha's outfit

I love the subtle yet powerful emphasis on the eye makeup in these pictures.
Since the bride has a slight problem of having acne prone skin, I want to get my base makeup perfect and is looking for the perfect foundation.
I have narrowed down my foundation choices to :
For The SIL (Me!!):
Look how pretty those lips are!! 
 I have always wanted to wear perfect matte red lips for the longest time. I think that they will go great with my sandal colored reception saree. I know people say that it will make me look older or that it is a very bridally look,but I have wanted to wear it for so long that I really would love to wear it. I think that I can pull it off if i keep the rest of my makeup very soft and plain. Anyways,I have been on the hunt for the  perfect red lip color for the last few days. I have watched tons of videos from Corallista, Glamrstv, and read up on VNA about the best red lips and I have made a list of lipsticks/lip liners that I want to try out. They are:

Other than the makeup products, I have to buy a lot of makeup tools because I recently came to realize that I have not done proper makeup on me or anyone else for that matter,in over 2 years. I have let most of my makeup brushes and tools just wilt away.So I also need to buy tools like:
 I am also getting my hair smoothened since I have wanted to get it done for a long time. Since it is wedding season,I though now would be the perfect time to get it done.I will probably get it done at Q Professional Hair Studio near Marine Drive. My cousin's wife got it done there and the price is very reasonable too.Just Rs.3500/- starting rate. The local salon at my place charges Rs.5000/- as starting price. After getting my hair smoothened,I want to get my haircut into a style somewhat similar to the following picture since my hair is around the same length( and apparently,the hair looks great with red lips)  :
I will do more updates as and when things get more done!!

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